WWE WrestleMania 36 Night Two Results - New Champions Crowned, Firefly Fun House Match, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE WrestleMania 36 Night Two Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

- The WrestleMania 36 Kickoff pre-show for Night Two opens up from the WWE TV studios with Corey Graves and Peter Rosenberg. They talk about how good the Bone Yard match on Night One was. They hype tonight's matches. We get a discussion and preview for the Firefly Fun House match. and tonight's Fatal 5 Way for the SmackDown Women's Title. We get a video package for tonight's WWE NXT Women's Title next. We take another break and come back to RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits backstage. They're hyped up for tonight and Angelo Dawkins flirts some with Charly Caruso, who isn't there. He tells her Angel Garza isn't the only Lothario on RAW. Montez Ford says WrestleMania is up and they want the smoke. Graves and Rosenberg talk about tonight's title defense. They look back at Night One again and then send us to the WWE Performance Center.


Natalya vs. Liv Morgan

Tom Phillips welcomes us to Night Two of WrestleMania 36 from the WWE Performance Center. He's joined by Byron Saxton as Natalya makes her way out. Liv Morgan is out next as Mike Rome does the introductions.

They meet in the middle of the ring for a handshake but Natalya yanks Liv to the mat in a headlock. Liv tries for a pin attempt. They break and Natalya taunts Liv some. They lock up and trade holds again. Natalya with a 2 count. They break again and have some more words, and again. Natalya takes Liv back down. More back and forth. Natalya with a surfboard submission. Liv screams out as the referee checks on her.

Morgan comes back with a 2 count and a shot to the face. Morgan counters Natalya again and drops her over her knees for a 2 count. Morgan dropkicks Natalya in the back against the ropes. Liv charges and they tangle. Natalya counters and slams Liv face-first for another close 2 count. Natalya argues with the referee about the count.


Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter but Liv rolls her into a 2 count. Liv with an enziguri. Natalya catches Liv off the ropes but Liv counters and they trade roll-ups on the mat. Liv gets the roll-up that counts for the win.

Winner: Liv Morgan

- After the match, Liv stands tall and has her arm raised as her music hits.

- Graves and Rosenberg show us what happened with Mandy Rose, Otis, Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville on SmackDown. Ziggler and Deville are backstage now. Ziggler left Mandy a voicemail begging her to please call him back. They're wondering what to do because Mandy isn't having any contact with them. Kayla Braxton approaches for comments but they're not interested. Ziggler and Deville walk off. Graves and Rosenberg lead us to a video package for Edge vs. Randy Orton. We join the WWE Backstage crew via Skype – Renee Young, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and Christian, who picks Edge to win the match. We take another break and go back to the panel for discussion on Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley. We also get a video package for tonight's WWE Title match and that's it for the Night Two Kickoff.

- WrestleMania 36 Night Two kicks off with Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon welcoming us back. She gives a message similar to the one from Night One, but much shorter. She sends us to the pirate-themed video package.


- We're live on tape from the empty WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as host Rob Gronkowski welcomes us. He hypes the show up and sends us to the ring.

WWE NXT Women's Title Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley

We go right to the ring and out comes Charlotte Flair for the opener. Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are on commentary. We get a video package showing what led to this match. NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley is out next. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

The bell rings and they go at it. Flair takes Ripley down first and mocks her. They lock up again and trade holds. Flair drops Ripley by her leg and goes for the Figure Four. Ripley kicks her away and asks if she's kidding. Flair ends up taking Ripley to the corner. Ripley comes right out of the corner and gets in Flair's face. Flair shoves her and unloads with big chops. Flair goes upside down in the corner but Ripley nails a big boot. Ripley with the Riptide in the middle of the ring but Flair kicks out at 2. Flair rolls to the floor for a breather. Ripley declares this is her ring.

Flair resets the count and Ripley goes out after her. Ripley ends up dropping Flair from the apron and working her over on the floor. Flair fights back. They come back in and Ripley dropkicks her. Ripley beats Flair around and talks trash. Ripley with more offense and a 2 count in the middle of the ring. Ripley kicks Flair several times while she's on her knees. Ripley with a body scissors and hair grabbing. Flair resists and tries to fight free. Flair uses the ropes on Ripley and stomps away, focusing on her knee. Flair yells at Ripley and taunts her. Ripley kicks but Flair catches it and drives the knee into the mat some more. Ripley counters and swings at Flair's face. Ripley screams about her knee hurting.


Flair continues to focus on the leg. Ripley kicks free but Flair slams the leg to the mat again. Flair slaps Ripley again and slams her knee against the ring post as the referee warns her. Flair wraps the leg around the ring post once again. Ripley blocks it this time. They go back in and Flair takes the knee out from behind. The referee says he can stop the match but Ripley wants to continue. Flair continues focusing on the knee and yelling at Ripley as the referee warns her. Ripley counters a move and rolls Flair for a 1 count. Flair goes right back to working on Ripley while smiling. Ripley slams Flair face-first to the mat. Ripley is still clutching her knee.

Flair says she never stops or gives up. Ripley fights back to her feet. Flair keeps hitting her with strikes. Ripley does the same but her leg does out to one knee. Flair with a huge chop. Ripley ducks a chop and delivers knee strikes to the face. They trade counters and Ripley connects with two big kicks. Ripley dropkicks Flair and her knee goes out again. Ripley with short-arm clotheslines now. More back and forth now. Flair goes to the top but Ripley rocks her. Ripley gets Flair on her shoulders now, then drops her face-first into the mat for a close 2 count.


Flair rocks Ripley with a big right hand in the corner after more offense between the two. Flair misses a stomp on the leg and Ripley nails another elbow. Ripley goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick for a close 2 count. Ripley shows some frustration now. Ripley runs into another boot. Flair continues working on the leg. Ripley tells the referee to shut up as he checks on her again. Flair keeps going for the legs but Ripley takes her down and stomps away. Ripley finally gets the standing Cloverleaf submission applied. Flair gets free and turns it back around, dropping Ripley.

Flair goes for the Figure Four but Ripley kicks her several times. They trade pin attempts and Flair applies the Boston Crab. It's broken as they trade more holds and pin attempts. Flair stomps away until Ripley jumps up and nails a big boot for a 2 count. They are both down on the mat now, showing frustration. Ripley unloads in the corner now. They trade more big strikes in the corner. Ripley takes Flair to the top and rocks her. Ripley climbs up and pounds on Flair. Ripley tries for the superplex but Flair resists. Flair slams Ripley to the mat from up high. Flair goes for the big moonsault but Ripley gets her boots up for a shot to the face.


Flair gets up and charges with the Spear for a close 2 count. More back and forth. Flair goes for the Figure Four but Ripley rolls her up for 2. Flair goes for it again and this time gets the Figure Four locked in. They trade shots while on the mat. Flair bridges into the Figure Eight but Ripley hangs on. Ripley finally taps out for the finish.

Winner and New NXT Women's Champion: Charlotte Flair

- After the match, Flair sits up and takes her title as her music hits. We go to replays. Flair poses with the title as her music hits. Ripley looks on from the mat.

- Back from a break and we get a look back at Night One of WrestleMania 36.

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley

We go back to the ring and out first comes Aleister Black, wearing new horned entrance attire. Bobby Lashley is out next with Lana.

Black and Lashley lock up to start the match. They break and go to lock up again. Lashley shoves Black away. They go to lock up again. They tangle and Lashley slams Black on the mat. Lashley goes for a bear hug but Black fights him off. They end up on the floor. Black misses a moonsault to the floor. Lashley with an overhead belly-to-belly on the floor. Lana claps for her husband.

Lashley beats Black around the ringside area and into the barrier. Lashley brings it back into the ring and keeps Black grounded. Black fights up but Lashley rams him into the corner. Lashley with a thrust. Lashley takes it to the opposite corner and continues beating on Black. Lashley charges into the corner and then hits a swinging neckbreaker.


Black fights out of a suplex but Lashley lifts him for it again. Black gets to the apron and rocks Lashley. Black goes to the top but rolls through on a knee. Lashley catches Black with a powerslam for a 2 count. Lashley uses the middle rope as the referee warns him. Lana looks for a cheap shot but doesn't get it. Lashley with a suplex for a 2 count. Lana yells at the referee from the floor. Lana yells at Lashley to finish Black. He goes for the Spear but Black cuts him off with a big knee for a 2 count.

Black unloads with strikes now. Lashley keeps fighting. Black sweeps Lashley and nails a running knee to send Lashley out. Black goes to the top and hits the big moonsault to the floor. Black brings Lashley back into the ring but Lashley nails a running crossbody and a clothesline for a 2 count. Lashley scoops Black on his shoulders but Lana gets on the apron and screams at Lashley to hit the Spear instead. Lashley puts Black down and goes for the Spear but Black meets him with Black Mass for the pin to win.

Winner: Aleister Black

- After the match, Black stands tall as the music hits. Lashley is frustrated as he and Lana stare at each other. We go to replays. Black makes his exit, stopping on the stage to turn back and look at the ring.


- Kayla is backstage with SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks. Bayley says tonight's title defense is unfair. Kayla keeps asking about the match, and how she has to face her best friend, and Bayley says she's just like everyone on Twitter. Bayley ends the interview and walks off. Kayla stops Sasha and asks her how bad she wants to be SmackDown Women's Champion. Banks says we'll just have to wait and see. She walks off.

- We see what happened with the WWE 24/7 Title and how Mojo Rawley cheated friend Rob Gronkowski to win it from R-Truth on Night One. Gronk is on the perch with Charly Caruso now. He says he wouldn't mind winning the WWE 24/7 Title before the night is over.

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler

We go back to Michael Cole and 2020 WWE Hall of Famer JBL on commentary. Cole shows us a video package that led to the next match. Dolph Ziggler is out first with Sonya Deville. Otis is out next by himself. He rushes the ring and Ziggler goes out to the floor with Deville.

Otis overpowers Ziggler to start. Otis unloads until Ziggler superkicks Otis, knocking him out to the floor. Ziggler goes out at the 5 count and sends Otis into the ring post. Ziggler brings Otis back in the ring for a 2 count. Ziggler keeps control and slams Otis by a chinlock. Ziggler superkicks Otis but can't put him away. Ziggler with more offense and a neckbreaker. Ziggler with more offense before grounding Otis in the middle of the ring with a scissors.


Deville cheers Ziggler on from the floor. Otis fights up and out of a hold. Ziggler kicks Otis. Otis catches him and launches him into the second turnbuckle. Otis with more offense. Otis dances around and rocks Ziggler with more strikes. Otis dances on the ropes but turns around to a right hand. Otis levels Ziggler with a pair of clotheslines. Otis scoops Ziggler and slams him in the middle of the ring. Otis stands on Ziggler's back to keep him from crawling out. Otis whips Ziggler hard into the corner and he goes down. Otis with another big whip into the corner, and a third as Otis continues to dominate.

They go to the floor and Otis launches Ziggler into the barrier. Otis sends Ziggler into the ring post now. Otis brings it back in and hits his version of the Compactor. More back and forth. Deville ends up getting involved. The finish sees Roe come out and slap Deville. Deville gets in the ring and Rose hits a low blow to Ziggler. Otis hits the Caterpillar for the pin to win.

Winner: Otis

- After the match, Otis celebrates with Rose, finally getting the kiss from her.

- We get a video package for the next match.

Last Man Standing Match: Edge vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Tom and Byron are back on commentary. Randy Orton is out next.


Orton's music hits but he appears out of nowhere, wearing all black, and hits the RKO outta nowhere to drop Edge. A replay shows Orton was disguised as a camera man at ringside. Orton is in his gear now. The referee tells Edge if he can get to his feet then they will start the match. Edge finally gets up and the bell rings. Edge swings but Orton dodges it and drops him with another RKO. The referee counts.

Orton taunts Edge while he's down. Edge gets up at 9 and stumbles out to the floor. Orton grabs a camera and decks Edge with it, sending him over the barrier. Orton beats Edge through the WWE Performance Center now, into the gym area. Edge keeps getting up but finally drops Orton with boots while hanging from a piece of equipment. The referee counts them both down now. They get up and trade shots. Edge drops Orton. The brawl continues through the gym of the Performance Center. Edge drops Orton and taunts him while he slowly gets back to his feet. Orton counters and sends Edge into a wall.

Edge dodges a shot and gets back up to fight. Edge slams Orton face-first into an equipment box. Orton is selling an elbow injury. They fight into another production area as Orton yells at the camera man to move. Orton fights back in the narrow hallway. Edge blocks a shot into a garage door, then slams Orton face-first into it. The referee counts again. Orton gets up but Edge slams him back into the door again. Orton goes back to the main ring area now. They trade shots on a platform where the tall LED boards with WrestleMania graphics are standing. Orton tosses Edge from the platform into the barrier at ringside. The referee counts again while Orton recovers. Edge is back up at the 9 count.


Edge dares Orton to bring it. Orton unloads with punches and kicks, shots into the barrier. Edge stumbles around and falls back down. They fight back into another hallway towards the area with the main offices. Orton slams Edge into a plexiglass window and he goes back down. Edge gets back up and Orton sends him into the wall again. They're in the same large office that Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano brawled in weeks ago, with the long steel desk. Edge sends Orton into it, then into the wall. Orton goes back down but gets up to more punishment. Edge tosses Orton on top of the long conference table. Edge swings himself from the ceiling, which he's already close to due to the height of the table, using it to drop a big elbow drop to Orton on top of the table. Edge beats Orton while they're both standing on the floor again now.

They fight back into the hallway. A camera man goes down. They fight out into another area, a storage facility. Another camera man runs over. There are ladders standing where they brawl now. Edge knocks Orton into a few ladders and slams him face-first into one. Orton stumbles away from Edge, still clutching his arm. Edge follows but Orton kicks him and clubs him down. Orton slams Edge into a storage cart. Orton continues beating Edge around a bunch of production cases and storage carts. Edge tries to use a steel chair but Orton throws them away. Orton sends Edge face-first into a piece of steel. The referee counts as Orton looks around for items to use.


Edge makes it up just before the 10 count. Orton goes right back to work. Edge turns it around again and beats Orton through the area in the back. Edge finally puts Orton through a table after diving from several feet up. The elbow hits and they both are down now. Orton slowly gets up first but Edge is almost there as well. Both men get up at the 8 count. Edge strikes first. Orton takes control into another area. Edge barely makes it back up. Orton beats Edge against a truck now, then rolls him onto the covered bed of the truck. Orton puts Edge on the very top of the truck cab and nails the draping DDT onto the covered bed. The referee counts but Edge makes it up.

Edge climbs up on top of a stack of production cases next to the truck. Orton is still down on the covered bed of the truck, trying to recover. Edge is on top of a NXT box truck now, higher than the stack of production cases. Orton is climbing after him. Orton, Edge and the referee are all on top of the box truck now.

Orton charges for a punt kick on top of the truck but Edge leaps at him with a Spear. Orton is in pain as the referee counts. Orton gets up at 9. Edge goes for another Spear but Orton connects with the RKO. Edge makes it up at the 9 count but collapses as soon as he does. Orton is back on the floor now. Orton is bringing two steel chairs to the top of the truck now, where Edge and the referee still are. Orton comes up and nails a steel chair shot over Edge's back. Orton gets down in Edge's face and talks some trash. Orton is ready to send Edge back to his family. Orton places a chair under Edge's head. Orton goes to slam the other chair over Edge's head but Edge jumps up and applies a submission, the same one he used on MVP recently. Edge brings Orton down on top of the truck, with a chair under Orton's head. Orton looks to be knocked out now.


The referee counts and Edge gets back to his feet. Edge looks to get just a little emotional as he stands over Orton, who is still barely moving. Edge swings the chair and delivers the Con-Chair-To. Edge stands tall over Orton as the referee counts. Orton is in bad shape. The referee keeps counting and makes it to 10 to finish the match.

Winner: Edge

- After the match, Edge stands tall as his music hits. He drops to his knees in front of Orton and puts his head against Orton, apparently whispering something to him. We go to replays. Edge continues recovering as his music plays.

- Back from a break and we see several people chasing WWE 24/7 Champion Mojo Rawley into the ringside area. It looks like mostly enhancement talents ganging up on Mojo. We see Rob Gronkowski up on the perch inside the Performance Center. He leaps off and takes everyone down, then covers Mojo to become the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

RAW Tag Team Titles Match: Austin Theory and Angel Garza vs. The Street Profits

Back from a break and out comes NXT Superstar Austin Theory and Angel Garza with Zelina Vega. Theory is replacing the injured WWE United States Champion Andrade. RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits are out next, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. They stop to dance on top of the announce table before hitting the ring.


Dawkins and Theory start off. Dawkins overpowers to take control early on. Ford is hyped up on the apron. Ford tags in for the double team, nailing a big dropkick. Angel runs in but gets double teamed. The Profits unload on both opponents, sending them out to the floor. Dawkins goes back to work on Theory in the ring now. Theory sends Dawkins out. Garza with a cheap superkick as Theory had the referee distracted. Garza and Theory mock their opponents now as Vega cheers them on.

Theory works over Dawkins now. Garza tags in for some double teaming and knees in the corner. Garza snatches his pants off, tosses them at Dawkins and rocks him for a 2 count. Theory comes back in and drops Dawkins for a close 2 count. More back and forth between both teams for the next few minutes, in and out of the ring. Garza with a close 2 count to Ford after a moonsault from the second rope.

Vega is furious about the count. Ford blocks the Wing Clipper and drops Garza. Dawkins tags in but they double team him. Theory slams Dawkins but Ford flies from up top and takes Theory down with a big Frogsplash. Dawkins takes advantage and covers for the pin to retain.

Winners: The Street Profits

- After the fairly quick match, The Profits stand tall with their arms raised. The music hits and we go to replays. Garza and Theory attack the champions after the ring, beating them down. Dawkins is sent out while they double team Ford in the middle of the ring. They hold Ford while Vega delivers a big kick to the face. Vega with another kick to Theory. NXT's Bianca Belair hits the ring to defend h er husband. She unloads on Vega while the champs take Theory and Garza out to the floor. Belair works Vega over and drops her in the middle of the ring with the KOD. Belair stands tall in the middle of the ring, swinging her hair as her music hits. Ford and Dawkins return to the ring to grab their titles and celebrate with Belair. We go to a replay of Belair and Vega. The champs celebrate with Belair on their shoulders now.


- Titus O'Neil appears on the perch and says he's the new WrestleMania 36 host now that Gronk is unable to host.

Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match for the SmackDown Women's Title: Sasha Banks vs. Naomi vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Bayley

Back from a break and we go to the ring. Out first comes Sasha Banks, followed by Lacey Evans. Tamina Snuka is out next, followed by Naomi. SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley is out last.

The bell rings and everyone sizes each other up. Bayley and Sasha strike Tamina first but get knocked off. Naomi and Evans do the same but Tamina knocks them away as well. All 4 attack Tamina now but she powers her way out. Tamina with right hands for the other competitors now. Tamina drops Evans with an elbow to the nose. Naomi grabs Tamina's leg but Tamina drags her into the ring. Evans takes Tamina's knee down. Bayley and Sasha with double dropkicks to Tamina. Tamina gets kicked out of the ring now.

Sasha seems to be helping Bayley early on. Naomi and Evans team up against Banks and Bayley now, getting the upperhand. They hit double dropkicks and go for the pins at the same time. They avoid the elimination and end up on the floor. Evans and Naomi go at it in the ring now. Tamina comes in and drops them. Tamina levels Bayley and Banks in the ring now. Tamina launches Evans across the ring. Tamina launches Naomi into the corner. Naomi with a running splash to Evans and Naomi at the same time but she can't get the win.


Tamina with more offense and pin attempts on Evans then Bayley. Tamina scoops Bayley but Banks saves her. Banks and Tamina with kicks to Evans. Naomi, Banks and Tamina stare each other down. Tamina offers her fist for some team work and a Team BAD reunion. They join her but she superkicks Banks. Naomi and Tamina go at it now. Naomi counters with a Stunner for a 2 count as Evans comes back in. Evans with a standing moonsault on Tamina. Naomi tries to take the pin but Tamina overpowers them both. Sasha with a 619 to Tamina. Bayley with the big flying elbow to Tamina. Banks with a Frogsplash to Tamina right after. Evans with a moonsault to Tamina. Naomi with the split-legged moonsault to Tamina. They all pile on Tamina and eliminate her with the pin.

Evans and Naomi baseball slide Banks and Bayley to the floor. Bayley takes Evans down on the floor and sends her into the ring steps. Bayley drops Naomi on the floor as well. Bayley brings Naomi back in and works her over while talking trash. Banks rolls back in and helps Bayley with Naomi. Naomi ends up fighting them off. Bayley blocks a Rear View but Naomi turns it into a Stunner. Banks eats a Rear View. Naomi fights off Bayley and Banks again. Naomi with a 2 count on Banks. Naomi ends up tapping out to the Bank Statement.


Banks and Bayley take turns on Evans now. Banks gets dropped and sent to the floor. Bayley takes control of Evans and rolls her for a 2 count. Banks comes back in and has words with Bayley over what happened when Banks got sent out. Evans rocks Banks with a Woman's Right to take advantage. Evans pins Banks and Banks is eliminated.

Bayley and Evans go at it now. Bayley has a small cut on her nose. Bayley manhandles Evans some and drives an elbow. Evans fights back but Bayley keeps control. Evans with clotheslines out of the corner. Evans with a kick and a neckbreaker. Bayley tries to tie Evans' arm to the top with the tag rope. Bayley unloads in the corner and talks some trash. Evans fights free and beats Bayley down. Evans drops Bayley and goes to the top for the moonsault. She nails it but Bayley kicks out.

Evans can't believe the kick out. Evans goes on but Banks runs back in the ring to drop Evans with a Backstabber. Bayley takes advantage and gets the pin to retain.

Winner: Bayley

- After the match, Banks brings the title in the ring as Bayley recovers while her music hits. Banks raises Bayley's arm in the middle of the ring. We go to replays. Bayley talks trash to the announcers and poses in the corner as Banks makes her exit and watches from the floor.


- We get a video package for the next match.

Firefly Fun House Match: John Cena vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

We go back to the ring and out first comes John Cena. Cena's entrance is quickly interrupted by a Firefly Fun House feel. Bray Wyatt appears at the Firefly Fun House. He talks about how another realm exists, filled with monsters and others. Wyatt addresses Cena and says he's about to face his most dangerous opponent yet, himself. Wyatt welcomes us to the Firefly Fun House. Cena is now in the Fun House. He spots Abby The Witch and then Ramblin' Rabbit pops up. Rabbit says Wyatt went that way, through that door. He tells Cena to be careful. Cena opens the door and enters. Cena is somewhere dark now. The Evil Devil Boss puppet appears, looking like Vince McMahon. He tells Cena to prove that he has this and that, or he's fired!

Wyatt is in the ring now. We see flashes from Cena's debut with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle years ago. Wyatt repeats the promo Angle cut that night. Cena comes out wearing his Prototype gear, coming out from behind the large SmackDown fist. Cena enters the ring and Wyatt asks what makes him think he can hang with Wyatt. Cena says ruthless aggression. He keeps swinging and keeps missing as Wyatt taunts him. Cena chases Wyatt out of the ring. Evil Boss and Mercy The Buzzard on commentary as we see a Saturday Night's Main Event intro now. We see the fitness gym bro version of Wyatt now. He's cutting an old school WWF promo, introducing his tag team partner, who is Cena, lifting weights like it's nothing. Wyatt calls him Johnny Largemeat or something like that. Cena rages with the dumbbells like they're paper. Abby is impressed, as is Wyatt. Cena can't lift his arms now. Wyatt channels his inner Hulk Hogan and Cena is back in front of the SmackDown fist now. His "Word Life" theme starts up now. Cena is wearing the Dr. of Thuganomics gear he brought back at WrestleMania last year. Wyatt is in the ring.


Cena hits the ring and can only speak in rhyme. He warns Wyatt to run. Wyatt gets emotional and talks about how he's had to earn everything and had it taken from him, but Cena's chances are unlimited. Wyatt says Cena is not a a hero, he's a bully, a horrible person who takes the weaknesses of others and turns them into jokes. He says Cena would do anything for fame. Congratulations Cena, you're the man now... poor, lonely John Cena. Wyatt says this is Cena's last chance now, the floor is his. Cena rhymes some more and charges into the corner but Wyatt moves. Cena turns back around looking for Wyatt and Wyatt drops him with a right hand.

We see the very first version of Bray Wyatt now, sitting at his home in somewhere like the Florida swamp. We see flashes of their WrestleMania match 6 years ago as Wyatt goes on with his promo. He tells Cena to run. They jump back to the ring and the old version of Wyatt attacks Cena. Wyatt kisses Cena on the head and goes for Sister Abigail. Cena slides out. Wyatt says that's not enough to end it, but this is. Cena grabs a chair from Wyatt. Wyatt goes to his knees and puts his hands up. He says Cena made the wrong choice 6 years ago, so fix it now. Cena swings the chair and Wyatt is gone. We see WCW Monday Nitro graphics flash now. Wyatt is in the ring wearing a Wolfpac nWo t-shirt. He channels Eric Bischoff, who is shown several times in the flashes, and Wyatt, as Bischoff, introduces Cena, who is supposed to be The Hulkster. Cena comes out to the Hollywood Hogan music, wearing a black & white nWo shirt. Cena ends up beating Wyatt down. We see more flashes of Cena's career. He keeps swinging but now we see it's no longer Wyatt he's hitting, it's Husky The Pig.


The Fiend appears behind Cena. Cena turns around. The Fiend ends up dropping him with Sister Abigail. The Fiend applies the Mandible Claw and holds him down. We hear laughter as Wyatt appears to count a pin. The Fiend stands tall and holds his arms out.

Winner: The Fiend

- After the match, we cut back to new host Titus O'Neil. Titus is shocked, and says he has no idea what he just saw. That's the end of whatever that was.

- Back from a break and we get a video package for tonight's main event.

WWE Title Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar

We go to the ring for tonight's main event and out comes the challenger first, Drew McIntyre. Out next comes WWE Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman. We get formal ring introductions from Rome.

The bell rings and Lesnar nails a kick to start. Lesnar rams Drew back into the corner and unloads. Drew nails a big Claymore out of nowhere for a close 2 count. Drew backs up and waits for Lesnar to recover. Lesnar dodges the Claymore and hits a big German suplex. Lesnar goes for another German but Drew fights him. Lesnar hits the German.

Lesnar with another big German suplex. Lesnar goes on and Drew manages to kick out at 1 somehow. Lesnar is frustrated now. Lesnar scoops Drew and drops him with the F5 in the middle of the ring but Drew still kicks out at 2. Lesnar can't believe it.


Lesnar delivers another big F5 but Drew kicks out. Heyman screams that Drew can't keep kicking out. Lesnar is heated. Lesnar goes for another F5 but Drew nails a second Claymore. Drew with a third Claymore as he yells at Lesnar some more. Drew with a fourth Claymore for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

- After the match, Drew stands tall as his music hits. He raises the WWE Title in the air as we go to replays. Drew hits his knees with the title after looking down at Lesnar, who is still on his back. Drew hits the corner to pose with the title, and continues celebrating. Night Two of WrestleMania 36 goes off the air with a look at the new WWE Champion.