AEW Double Or Nothing Results: Jon Moxley Vs. Brodie Lee, Stadium Stampede Match, TNT Title

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of AEW Double or Nothing from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida. The Buy In will begin at 7:30 pm ET and the main card starts at 8 pm ET.

The event will stream on B/R Live and traditional PPV for $49.99, as well as FITE for fans outside of the U.S.

- Excalibur and Taz calling The Buy In. As per usual, a handful of wrestlers are ringside.

- Earlier today, Tony Schiavone talks with Jake Robert (who is watching Lance Archer bash a tire with a hammer). Tony asks Roberts if he's ready, Archer says he'll show him tonight. Archer trashes a bathroom. Roberts says he's ready as Archer growls at the camera.

Best Friends vs. Private Party

Winners of the match will become the number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Quen and Trent tie up, Quen with headlock, standing shooting press. Trent fires back with a northern lights suplex, two, Quen back up and gets chopped down. Double back elbow and elbow drop by Best Friends. Double standing slice bread. Trent loses his headband, commentary noting that may be the first time that's happened to him in an AEW match. Kassidy with a chop, Trent drops him with a chop of his own.

Headband is back on! Silly string attempt, Trent caught him and had a weird landing as he went from a standing DDT, may have tweaked his knee. Loses the headband again, Quen puts it on this time. Trent gets out to the floor. Kassidy tags in, throws Trent into the barricade, he hits a spear on Kassidy. Quen with a flip over the top rope down on Trent. Quen up top, Trent on Taylor's shoulder, assisted avalanche supex, cover, two-count.

Taylor with an elbow drop, cocky cover, one-count. Chops in the corner, Taylor with a slam, cover, two. Trent tags back in, back elbow, tries for swinging DDT and ends up eating a dropkick. Kassidy tags in, takes Taylor over the apron, penalty kick to Taylor. Knocks Trent away then hits a moonsault to the floor on Taylor. He climbs back on the apron, hits a rough flatliner. Trent might be banged up after having a couple rough landings. Quen with a double foot stomp to the back of the head, cover, two.

Saito suplex on both Quen and Kassidy, then tags back out. Taylor with an overhead release suplex on Kassidy into Quen. Trent in, eat defeat / half and half suplex combo. Best Friends hug and to finishing things. Quen with a standing shooting star press, sending Trent's face down into Kassidy's knees. Private Party hits G9, Cryme Tyme's finisher. Quen with a big shooting star press on Trent, Taylor breaks it up. Taylor hits a piledriver on the floor, taking Quen out. Kassidy runs over and eats a superkick. Back in the ring, Trent with a big lariat, cover, two. Trent selling a rib injury the whole match. He gets put on the top rope, Private Party goes for Gin and Juice, Taylor breaks it up, Trent nearly gets a three-count. Kassidy dropped to the floor. Strong Zero hit on Quen for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Best Friends via pinfall and are now the number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Titles

- Tony talks with Arn Anderson about tonight's AEW TNT Championship match between Lance Archer and Cody. Arn talks about all kinds of "what ifs" in tonight's match, maybe Jake will DDT him, maybe he'll DDT or give Jake a spinebuster. Maybe Mike Tyson will knock both of them out. Arn continues that Cody might be the underdog, but he has guts and tenacity, the ability to reach back and pull one out.

- Excalibur introduces Jim Ross and Tony Sciavone to the commentary table.

- Joey Janela says he wasn't even supposed to be on the card, but opportunity came knocking last night. Janela says he got a call from Tony Khan, and Janela joining the match was a great choice because he loves ladder match. Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford and Jimmy Havoc), says Ladder Matches are in his blood, and everybody is probably wondering if Ford or Havoc will get involved, but he won't say. Havoc says this match is about Sabian. Sabian says his opponents will suffer and he'll enjoy every single minute. Christopher Daniels says tonight is all about opportunity, he brings up how Sky and Kazarian had opportunities and came very close to winning their big matches, but they learned what will be need to win next time around. Daniels says with tonight's match a win for either of them is a win for SCU. Best Friends explain to Orange Cassidy how he wins by climbing the ladder, then they will all be champions.

Darby Allin vs. Colt Cabana vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Joey Janela vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Kip Sabian vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Luchasaurus vs. (Casino Ladder Match – Winner receives future AEW World Championship Match)

Kazarian and Sky are the first two to enter the match. Every two minutes someone else will join, but the chip can be grabbed at any time, so the match could end before everyone joins. Both guys go right out for a ladder and bring them into the ring. They decide against it and end up wrestling instead, which turns into a stalemate. Sky looks for the double stomp, Kazarian moves out of the way. Kazarian runs the ropes and they end up colliding into each other as the clock ticks to zero.

Kip Sabian enters the match.

Havoc in the ring and throws a ladder at both Sky and Kazarian. Havoc helps Sabian out, puts Kazarian up on the top turnbuckle, puts the ladder on the bottom turnbuckle, but Kazarian shoves him down on it. Kazarian with a release suplex to get rid of Havoc. Sabian puts Sky on the steel steps and climbs up a very tall ladder. Kazarian putting a ladder up in the middle of the ring, Sabian goes over to pull him down. Kazarian tries to climb up and gets yanked down. Sabian with a high knee, but Sky back in the ring and drops him.

Darby Allin enters the match.

Allin gets in the ring and hits a suicide dive on Sabian. He throws Sky into the barricade, then lands a cutter on Kazarian. Allin pulls the barricade closer to the ring and uses it to bridge a ladder to the apron. Allin tries to whip Kazarian into the ladder, he slides under, Allin launches his skateboard at Kazarian. He climbs up the taller ladder, leaps off with the skateboard, Kazarian moves out of the way and he crashes through the ladder.

Orange Cassidy enters the match.

Cassidy is in no rush to get into the match, he goes over to commentary and asks how he wins the match. They try to explain, he looks annoyed and slowly makes his way back into the ring. He climbs in and reaches up, but is no where near the chip. Sky runs in at him, Cassidy hops over him. Kazarian tries and gets tossed out. Cassidy finally pushes a ladder up and it just falls over because he doesn't know how to set a ladder up.

Colt Cabana enters the match.

Cabana goes into the ring to check out Cassidy's progress. Cabana finally shoves him out of the ring and sets the ladder up himself. He climbs up, but Sabian pulls him down a bit. Cabana then gets shoved into the corner, looks like the ladder pinched his fingers and he rolls out of the ring. Cassidy, hands in pocket, hits a double dropkick on SCU, then a suicide dive on the duo.

Joey Janela enters the match.

He dives off the stage on SCU, then leaps off a ladder and takes out Sabian, then does the same to Havoc. Cabana trying to set up a ladder, but Janela hits a dropkick off the top rope. Kazarian then dumps him out of the ring. Janela grabs a chair, and whacks Frankie in the back. Sky yanks the chair away, and smacks Janela over the back with it.

Luchasaurus enters the match.

He kicks the ladder into Sabian, big chop to Janela's chest, headbutt to Cabana, spinning knee strike to Sky, and then powerbombs Sabian out to the floor on a group of wrestlers. Big kick to Kazarian's head and then a chokeslam on a ladder, then another one in the middle of the ring. Allin up on the middle rope hits a code red on Luchasaurus!

Brian Cage (with Taz) enters the match.

This is Brian Cage's debut with AEW. Taz walks to the back as Cage hits a twisted F-5 on Allin. Cage is beating up literally everyone in the match. Suplex on Kazarian as he tries to climb up to the top. Cassidy climbs on Cage's back, but Cage just walks up the ladder like nobody is there. Multiple wrestlers bring a giant chip over and help pile a bunch of items down on Cage to keep him out of the match.

Sabian and Cassidy battle at the top of the ladder, Cassidy grabs Sabian's finger and sends him back into another ladder. Ford comes to the ring, tries to stop Cassidy, throws some punches and he blocks both, then lets her go, she falls back down on Sabian. Havoc in the ring and swings away on Cassidy, out comes Best Friends to help out. Stunt bring out a tiny ladder, but it ends up in Janela's hands and he uses it as a weapon on people. He then hits a death valley driver off the apron, sending Cassidy down on that giant poker chip that is covering Brian Cage.

Luchasaurus knocks both SCU members off the ladder. Everybody is down around the ring and Cage rises up through all that equipment on him. Cage and Luchasaurus battle, multiple strikes from each wrestler. Spinning kick to Cage, chokeslam, but Cage flips out and hits a rising knee strike. Cage with a powerbomb, sending Luchasaurus into a ladder in the corner! Cage goes to head up, but Allin gets in the ring, then slaps him. Cage with a big lariat and then drill claw on Allin. Taz heads back out to ringside and watches on as Cage puts a ladder along the corner of the ring, then puts Allin on top of the ladder. Cage military presses the ladder and Allin into another ladder on the floor. Cage climbs up and take the chip for the win!

Winner: Brian Cage earns a future AEW World Championship Match

MJF (with Wardlow) vs. Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy uses his agility early on, drops MJF with a shoulder tackle. MJF to his feet and Jungle Boy sends him right back down, MJF rolls out of the ring for a moment. Both trade pinfall attempts, but to no avail. They get locked upside down and slap each other in the face. Jungle Boy continues to swing away. Both on their feet, MJF with a big shot, Jungle Boy with some shots. MJF runs to the corner, flips out of it and falls down, holding his knee. The ringside physician runs in to check on him, Jungle Boy backs up for a minute, MJF gets up and gets in a cheap shot on his opponent. He's fine.

MJF beating up on Jungle Boy. "You think you're on my level? You'll never be on my level!" MJF yells. Jungle Boy chops down MJF, Jungle Boy selling his left arm, not using it at all. More chops to MJF's chest, drops MJF, pin, two-count. MJF recovers, hits a double stomp to Jungle Boy's arm. Looks for his submission, no luck, Jungle Boy asks for a chop. MJF gives it to him. Jungle Boy sends one back to MJF. Back and forth they go. MJF eats a canadian destroyer, MJF with a superkick to the face and falls down on Jungle Boy for the two-count. Jungle Boy tries for a crossface, but loses the grip because of his arm. MJF bites Jungle Boy's hand and plants him down to the mat. Both end up on the apron, Jungle Boy lands a kick then a poisonrana on the apron!

Jungle Boy sends MJF back into the ring. Jungle Boy up top, MJF grabs the ref (who was holding the ropes) and they shake, Jungle Boy gets crotched on top. MJF climbs up, takes a headbutt and then a second rope powerbomb for two. MJF tries to lift Jungle Boy, but can't lift him because of his back. Jungle Boy suplex for two, MJF backslide pin for two. MJF trying to get his salt of the earth submission, roll-up by Jungle Boy for two. Both trade pinfall attempts while grabbing the tights. MJF with a modified European clutch pin for the win.

Winner: MJF via pinfall

Cody with Arn Anderson vs. Lance Archer with Jake Roberts (AEW TNT Championship)

Mike Tyson heads out to ringside with the new TNT Championship. Archer comes out with some poor soul and gets chokeslammed in the middle of the ring. Tyson with a surprised look on his face, lol. Cody heads to the ring next with AA. Dasha announces each wrestler with Bryce Remsburg holding the title. Remsburg on the mic to announce the match, gives them an opportunity to shake hands, but that doesn't happen.

Archer hits blackout right off the bat! Cody rolls out of the ring to avoid the bpin. Commentary announced the gold plating to the title is still going to be added. Says the pandemic caused a delay in the finished product. Cody back in the ring, tried to work Archer's shoulder, didn't last long. Cody with some punches and chops, but they aren't doing much damage. Archer goes to hit the ropes and Cody grabs him by the hair, uppercut follows. Cody tries for a springboard cutter and gets pounced by Archer. Cody immediately out to the floor again, this time Archer follows and pulls up some of the protective padding. Cody circles around into the ring and lands a suicide dive, sending Archer over the barricade. Cody tries to leap off the rail, gets caught by the neck and sent back into ringside, crashing down on the floor.

Back in the ring, Archer continues to torture Cody. Archer takes Cody's arm, walks the ropes and hits a moonsault for a two-count. Cody gets back into this and lands a delayed vertical suplex. Archer rips off the top turnbuckle pad. Camera quickly catches Mike Tyson yawning at ringside (whoops). Meanwhile, Cody pulls Archer against the ring post. Archer back up, Cody ends up getting thrown over the top rope down to the floor! Archer with a boot to the face.

Back in the ring, Cody gets planted, cover, two. Archer continues to pummel Cody, then yanking on Cody's ear. Archer though about a cover, and hits a twisting splash instead, cover, two. Tyson cheering on Cody. Arn gives some advice to Cody on the outside. Archer follows, but takes some strikes, he then throws Cody into the barricade. Archer boots Cody and it just makes him mad. Forearms to Archer who looks to be smiling and sends Cody to the floor with a shot of his own. Back in the ring, Cody with a crossface, Cody wraps Archer's hair around his head. Roberts up on the stage and yelling at Cody. He's asking for a free shot, Archer tries to sneak in, but Cody hits a DDT on Archer and stares down Roberts. Jake is pissed off now. Archer hits a spinebuster and then looks over to AA.

Springboard cutter, cover, one-count! Cody throws more shots with some tributes to his dad and brother. Cody tries for cross rhodes, hits it, cover, two-count. Cody with a Stinger Splash, but Archer hits a big chokeslam, pin, two. Archer with the Claw, slamming Cody's face to the mat, but can't follow up with a pin or anything. Archer looks to walk the ropes again, Roberts gets the ref's attention for some reason, AA knocks Archer's legs out from under him. Cody up top and hits an avalanche reverse suplex. Paul Turner then comes out and says he saw AA get involved. Tyson is even saying he's go to go. Referee ends up tossing AA to the back. Roberts is also getting the toss for whatever reason.

Back in the ring, release german suplex by Archer. Roberts returns with a bag and Tyson gets in the way, taking his shirt off and telling Roberts to get to the back. Tyson flexes on the stage, lol. Archer tries for black out, Cody reverses into cross rhodes, and hits another, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Cody via pinfall to win the AEW TNT Championship

- Post-match, Tyson goes into the ring, raises Cody's arm and hands him the title. They shake hands and Cody raises up Tyson's arm in celebration. Tyson exits the ring as Cody continues to celebrate.

- Backstage, we get an injury updated on Britt Baker, apparently there was some damage to her knee, but he says the patient is worse than the injury. He also said Britt Baker will announce when she's returning on this Wednesday's Dynamite.

Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian) vs Kris Statlander

Statlander with a side headlock, Ford fights out of it, gets tossed into the ropes and sent to the mat. Statlander drops Ford and does a bunch of cartwheels. She tries to "boop" Ford's nose and gets his finger bite. Ford with a slap to the face. Statlander gets her "boop" and tries to attack, but Ford slides out to the floor. Sabian calls Statlander an "alien freak" and keeps her at bay with his crutch (he's comically tapped up from being in the Casino Ladder Match). Ford hits a draping DDT, cover, two.

Ford continues to beat up her opponent. Lands a few chops, Statlander with some of her own, knocking Ford to the floor. Statlander then hits a big suicide dive, taking out both Sabian and Ford, nearly smashing her own face into the barricade. Back in the ring, Ford with a hook kick, cover, two. Statlander lifts and plants Ford to the mat, cover, two.

Statlander goes for a clothesline, Ford does her matrix dodge, but eats one the second time around. Ford sat on the top turnbuckle, fights Statlander off, goes for an ugly looking hurricanrana. Springboard cutter, caught in midair, blue thunder bomb, big bang theory piledriver, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kris Statlander via Pinfall

- Shawn Spears heads out to the ring, in a suit. He asks where Dustin Rhodes is, says he's home washing his tights. Dustin Rhodes' music plays, but nobody comes out from the entrance. Spears then slowly turns to the camera with a smile. Says he couldn't help it, it's too easy. He asks Edwards to ring the bell and start the match. She says he's not even here. Spears says to do her job, ring the bell, and count him out. "Wins matter!" Spears smiles. Dustin's music plays again. Spears says "play it once, idiots!" Out comes Brandi Rhodes. From behind is Dustin!

Dustin Rhodes (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Shawn Spears

Dustin swings away on Spears in the corner. Dustin rips off his coat and shirt as he continues to beat up Spears. Dustin with chops in the corner, but Spears finally lands a clothesline on his opponent. Rhodes continues to swing away, spinning powerslam.

He rips Spears pants off, inverted atomic drop and clotheslines Spears out to the floor. For whatever reason, Tully Blanchard's face is on the front of Spears boxers. Rhodes hits final reckoning when Spears gets back into the ring, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes via Pinfall

- AEW announces All Out will take place on September 5.

- Excalibur pays tribute to Hana Kimura, who passed away yesterday at the age of 22, and reminds everyone to be a little nicer to each other.

Nyla Rose (c) vs. Hikaru Shida (AEW Women's World Championship – No DQ/No Count-Outs)

Rose starts with the kendo stick, Shida nearly got it away from her, but eats a clothesline. Rose then hits her in the back with the kendo stick. Shida sent into the corner, Rose charges in, nobody home. Shida with a high knee. Rose pulled out to the edge of the apron, Shida with another knee lift. Rose recovers and beats up Shida on the floor then looks for a table. Shida is lifted up and sent down through a poker table at ringside!

Rose gets another chair and jams it into the challenger. Back in the ring, Shida is sent to the mat, crossbody splash, pin, two-count. Rose looks for beast bomb, Shida reverses with a hurricanrana and then a sliding knee strike. Rose with a supex and then a clothesline that sends her opponent out to the floor. Shida with a crossbody and a running knee to the back of the head.

Shida dumps Rose out to the ringside area where the wrestlers are. Rosa gets sent into the giant poker chip. Shida hip tosses Rose on the big chip. Shida runs up with a flying running knee, send Rose back into another big poker chip. Shida has the kendo stick again and smacks Rose in the arm. They head back into the ring. Shida with more shots with the kendo stick, then suplexes Rose on it, cover, two.

Rose with a running powerslam. Shida draped over the top rope, Rose heads up to the top and hits a flying knee to the back of Shida's neck, cover, two. Rose brings a table into the ring and sets it in the corner. Rose powerbombs Shida into the table, cover, two-count. Death valley driver on Shida. Rose to the top rope, Shida launches her kendo stick at Rose, climbs up, super falcon arrow, cover, two. Shida looks for a kick, kendo stick to the leg, running knee strike, cover, 1-2-no. Rose takes another big kendo stick shot, Shida with a running knee to the face, cover, 1-2-3, new champion!

Winner: Hikaru Shida via pinfall to win the AEW Women's World Championship

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brodie Lee (AEW World Championship)

Security was in the ring to help keep the two wrestlers separate as Dash introduces Lee and Moxley. These two off to a face start, Lee strikes, goes for a big boot, nobody home and he falls out to the floor. Moxley throws Lee into the barricade and it break, he goes down to the floor. Lee back up and suplexes Moxley on the floor, more chops as Lee tries to intimidate some of the wrestlers.

Back in the ring, Lee with a couple suplexes on the champ. Moxley out to the floor, Lee with a suicide dive, sending Moxley through the hole that Lee created earlier. Lee puts the barricade up on one of the rails. The two swing away on each other. Moxley gets suplexed into that barricade. Back in the ring, they trade shots at each other. Suplex on Moxley, Lee charges in, back elbow and then takes a lariat from Moxley. Gotch style piledriver on Lee, cover, two. Moxley sets up the ring steps, runs at Lee and gets caught with a dropkick. Lee does Big Swole's "flex" pose and she yells at him to not steal her moves. Moxley and Lee up on the steel steps and Moxley back body drops Lee down and through a table.

Moxley leaps off the apron, caught and suplexed into some giant playing cards (part of the stage setup). Lee see's Moxley's face on the card and stomps on it. He then suplexes Moxley on the card. "Brodie sucks" chant breaks out. Referee looking over and the ringside physician, but waves him off. Moxley claws his way back into the ring and Lee lands a big boot. Sit-down powerbomb for a very close three-count.

Moxley pulls himself back up and falls right back down, climbs out to the stage area. Moxley throws a poker chip at Lee's head. Lee with a kick to the midsection, tries for a powerbomb, Moxley hits paradigm shift and the two go crashing through the stage! Referee checking on both wrestlers. He calls in the doctor. Others coming out now, but Moxley has emerged from the hole and into the ring. Lee is now up and he's been busted open.

He looks for the discus lariat, Moxley with paradigm shift, cover, one-count?! Moxley with huge elbows and knees, lands another paradigm shift, cover, and just a two-count! Moxley is just trying to choke out Lee with a rear naked choke. Lee is fading, referee checks on him, and calls for the bell.

Winner: Jon Moxley via referee stoppage

- The AEW Unrivaled Action Figure collection will hit stores in August.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, The Young Bucks and Matt Hardy) vs. Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz) (Stadium Stampede Match)

This was taped at TIAA Field Bank with a ring at the 50-yard line, Falls Count Anywhere, and No DQs. Each team is introduced by Justin Roberts, coming out like football players typically do with jerseys on. The Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders are out, as well. Some Inner Circle members have helmets on for their entrance. Matt Jackson had banged up his ribs on this past Wednesday and has them taped up. Page is introduced, but he doesn't immediately show up. Four referees will be involved in the match. Both teams run at each other and swing away with random weapons. Omega running with a broom, lol. Guevara gets dropped and he turns around slowly, only to see Hangman Page on a horse. He ends up chasing Guevara right off the field. Page looking around for Sammy while everyone else battles on the field. Nick and Jericho actually do some wrestling inside the ring.

Jericho tried judas effect, Matt gets involved to help kick Jericho out of the ring. Santana and Ortiz now fight Matt and Nick, Matt sent out of the ring, Nick gets planted and Santana hits an assistant flip. Omega with a snap dragon on Ortiz, snap dragon on Santana. Hager with a big slam to Omega. Hardy drops Hager. Jericho with a codebreaker on Hardy. Guevara found his way back on the field and kicks Nick. Inner Circle and the cheerleaders chant "Sammy!" Guevara with a shooting star press, but nobody home. Inner Circle sent out of the ring and Sammy gets attacked from everyone on the other team.

Everybody take some big dives on the pile. Guevara with a shooting star press, knocking out some of his own guys. Jericho sends Nick into the goal post. Matt busts out a tall ladder near the goal post and climbs up. He makes his way to the middle of the goal post and hits moonsault down on Guevara, Jericho, and Nick. Cover on Jericho, two-count. Wrestlers are making their way up into the stands as Santana and Ortiz beat up Omega. Page still on his horse, looking around for Guevara still. Page finally gets off his horse and heads to the bar. Santana and Ortiz smacking him with loaded socks. Omega is getting the same treatment now.

Omega gets double powerbombed through two barricades, down to the concrete floor. Cover, Hardy breaks it up, using a loaded sock. Santana beats up Hardy some more, then he and Ortiz send him face first into the pool. Santana jumps in to beat up Hardy, Ortiz says he can't swim! It's only three feet of water. They then attempt to drown him. Version one Matt Hardy emerges! They do it again, the old school Matt Hardy Facts overlay appears and another version of Matt pops up from the water. He finally looks to be taken out, but up pops Broken Hardy and he sends the two back into the water. Ortiz climbs out and Hardy says he must pay for what happened to Vanguard 1.

Ortiz put on a table, Santana charges at Hardy and gets back body dropped down on Ortiz and through the table. Ortiz brought under the bell and Hardy rings it. Ortiz trembles in pain as Hardy brings a wheelchair up, sits Ortiz in it and tapes him down. Hardy then sends Santana into an ice machine, then locks it was a broom. Hager walking the halls looking for Page. He comes up on Page's horse, then see the bar sign, and makes a b-line for it. Page sitting at the bar, having a drink. Hager walks up, sits next to him. Page asks if Hager came to fight or drink. Hager ends up drinking. Page then starts swinging on him. Hager with some big knees and launches Page over a pool table. Page gets a pool stick and cracks it over Hager's back, didn't do a thing.

Hager tries to send him over the bar, Page flips off the bar, tries to leap off the pool table, caught in mid air and gets planted hard on that pool table. Page put on the bar and Hager rams Page through everything that was on the bar. Hager with a gut wrench powerbomb through a table, attempts a cover, two. Omega shows up to the bar and smashes a bottle over Hager's head, does nothing. Page and Omega then crack a bunch of bottles over Hager's head. He stumbles around, Omega with a v-trigger. Hangman with a buckshot lariat using Omega's back as a jump off. Page then pours Omega a glass of milk. Omega pours Page some whiskey. Back on the field, Matt is fighting Guevera and is trying to give him northern lights suplex across the entire field.

Jericho gets a megaphone and tells Nick he should have stayed home. Nick kicks him and smacks him with the megaphone, then a bunch of footballs. Jericho sends Nick into the mouth of a jaguar prop. The mascot shows up and taunts Jericho, but gets dropped with judas effect. Nick superkicks Jericho into the kicker practice netting. Jericho with a bat in hand, smacks Nick in the face, cover, Nick kicks out. Jericho challenges the pin, he thought it was three. Edwards says fine and goes into the review tent. Jericho follows her in, she says the call stands, it's two. "You're a s—ty referee!" Jericho yells. Matt apparently goes the length of the field, spikes Guevara's head into the field. Matt does Alex Wright's taunt and Rick Knox gives him a penalty. Matt superkicks Rick. Jericho with his bat in hand, smacks Nick. He then puts Nick on a table, but Matt makes the save. Jericho put down on the table, Nick runs up the stands and then runs all the way back down, and hits a crossbody down on Jericho.

Page shows up with a line marker and runs directly over Jericho's body. Guevara trying to climb his way back into the action and a field sprinkler sprays the hell out of him. Guevara thinks he won because he's the last one standing. From the back is Matt and Kenny in the same cart that struck Sammy a few weeks back. Matt chases him down as Sammy runs away and Bryce Remsburg tries to keep up. Sammy makes the leap up into the stands. Omega and Matt follow. Sammy throwing chairs and running all the way up into the stands. The Elite surround him, he tries to choke out Hardy. Neo 1 appears (Hardy's new drone) for the quick distraction. Omega with a v-trigger, one winged angel on Guevara all the way down through a huge wooden structure! Woah! Omega with the pin, 1-2-3!

Winner: The Elite via Pinfall

- The Elite celebrate, Gatorade bath for Omega. The team celebrates as fireworks go off in the background.