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- Multiple wrestlers (more than previously) are in the crowd as we're live from Daily's Place in Jacksonville. Some more people are dotted around the seats a bit further back. Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur are on commentary. Dasha handling ring announcing.

Cody vs. Joey Janela

Back and forth action early on, both try for a bunch of pins, but nobody can land a three count. They trade strikes in the ring, Cody baits Janela in for a chop, counters, and chops him in the back. Janela fights back with a spinning heel kick and a back rake. Jim Ross mentions people in the crowd and that everyone has been tested ahead of time. Cody looks for cross rhodes, but gets thrown into the ropes.

Janela continues to keep Cody down. Shawn Spears in the crowd with an air horn, lets it go for a second. Janela and Cody fight on the floor, then end up on the ramp. Cody near the ropes, Janela heads back to the tunnel, runs out and Cody moves as Janela dives into the ropes. Cody with a disaster kick to the face. Cody then hits a moonsault off the stage, clearing out his opponent! Back in the ring Janela fights back, hits a diving elbow, cover, two.

Both end up on the top rope, Cody with a reverse suplex, pin, two-count. Cody takes off the weight belt and tosses it out to the crowd, Hikaru Shida ends up getting it. Janela with a spinning back elbow, tries for a piledriver, no, gets powerslammed, cover, two. Cody looks for a springboard cutter, caught in midair and gets suplexed. Janela with a big lariat that turns Cody inside-out. Janela heads to the top rope, moonsault, rolls through, Cody with a springboard cutter, pin, two-count. Back and forth strikes in the ring, Cody finally hits a cross rhodes out of nowhere, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Cody via Pinfall

- Post-match, Cody celebrates a bit then shakes Janela's hand.

- Recap of Nyla Rose beating Riho for the AEW Women's World Champion, clips are shown of her in action. Rose says she's going to be a one-time champion because nobody is going to beat her. The vignette then runs down a number of Rose's potential contenders, including Hikaru Shida, currently at number one with her 7-1 record. Also highlighted were Britt Baker and Penelope Ford.

- Tony Schiavone talks with Nyla Rose on the stage. Rose didn't like that video package, lets everyone know she's the baddest in the ring, and it will always be her. She quickly sends Tony back to commentary.

Nyla Rose vs. Kenzie Paige (Non-Title Match)

Paige is making her AEW debut at 18 years old. Rose with some clubbing blows, then launches her opponent across the ring. Paige avoids Rose, tries for a sunset flip, no luck, throws a forearm, but eats a lariat. Paige dropped again, Rose with a senton off the top rope, crushing Paige. Goes for the pin, but then lifts her up, powerbomb, hits another, and then a beast bomb for the victory. From ringside, Kris Statlander and Shida each with a serious look on their faces.

Winner: Nyla Rose via Pinfall

- In a hotel room, MJF talks about others saying they are the next big thing, even though they are 30 years old. MJF then talks about how he's only been in wrestling for a cup of coffee, but he's taking some of the top guys' spots. Says "that 24-year old kid has more talent in his pinky that you have in your whole body." MJF says he can take off some time because he knows his spot will be there. He's injury free and next week he'll be back in action.

- Shawn Spears talks about Dustin Rhodes' career being over after the beating he took by Lance Archer. Spears says he has a brother and would do everything he could to protect him, unlike what Cody did. Cody could have stopped the match by throwing in the towel, but decided against it. Spears wonders if it's because Cody is selfish and feels like he can carry the name on by himself.

- At ringside, Tony talks with MJF and Shawn Spears (with Wardlow in the background). MJF says he thinks everyone is looking forward to a real professional wrestling next week. MJF applauds Spears for calling out Cody. Spears thanks him and checks in with MJF's health, MJF says he's not only healed, but over-healed. Tony then says MJF is scheduled to face Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing.

Jon Moxley vs. Frankie Kazarian (Non-Title Match)

This is Kazarian's first singles match since January 2019. Some mat wrestling to get things started as both guys trade offensive moves. Moxley with some strikes, tries for an early pin, but barely a one-count. Kazarian tries to work over the champion, takes a backbreaker, Moxley with some clubbing blows to the side of the head. Kazarian with a spinning heel kick, but gets dumped out to the ramp and he's favoring the left knee now.

Moxley heads up to the top rope, leaps, and Kazarian boots him to the face in midair. Back in the ring, Moxley takes a DDT, cover, two. Moxley with a release german suplex, but eats a backstabber and then an unprettier. Frankie goes for the cover, only gets two. Moxley looks for paradigm shift, reversed into a submission, but Moxley kicks Kazarian away. Multiple near falls. Kazarian with a back elbow, then suplexes Moxley into the corner. Frankie heads to the top rope, Moxley follows, gets knocked back. Kazarian leaps off, rolls through to avoid Moxley, but goes right into a paradigm shift, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

- Post-match, about seven Dark Order followers jump the champion and stomp him down. SCU runs out to help the champion, but get stopped. Both Sky and Daniels get put down. Number 10 hits a spinebuster on Sky. Brodie Lee then makes his way out, smacks Daniels with a chair and heads into the ring. Lee with a discus lariat on Moxley. Lee gets the mic and says he's here because of the bounty Moxley put on himself just last week. Lee says Moxley feels the energy of the Dark Order rather than the fans that are no longer in the audience. Lee brings up he is a different person than when they had previously met, he is now a leader. Lee says Moxley has come into possession of the title something he wants. Lee says he isn't sure what Moxley is now, an actor? MMA Fight? Scared fatherless boy from Cincinatti ? Lee says to answer his challenge or the group will make him. Moxley takes the microphone, "Dude, all you had to do was ask." Lee then boots him in the face and calls his goons to beat up Moxley again.

- Brandi Rhodes talks directly to Jake Roberts about some of the things that he and Lance Archer have done and said in the past. Brandi understands the message and fully expects Roberts and Archer to try and corner her in the ring, forcing Cody to come out and fall into their trap. She says it's not 1991 anymore and that doesn't happen these days. Brandi says Cody is the good guy, but she's hard to pinpoint and refers to something her mom once told her, "Don't f--- with people you don't know." Brandi says she's not any of the names Roberts called her, "I am Brandi Rhodes, Cheif Brand Officer, and you will keep my name out of your dirty old mouth."

QT Marshall (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts)

Archer comes out and smacks a fan down at ringside. Jake Roberts wearing a mask while he stands at ringside. Archer gets in the ring and immediately drops Marshall. He then asks QT for his best shot, he obliges, and it doesn't do much. Archer beats up QT, big chop in the corner, couple splashes in the corner. Archer draws his attention to Brandi for a moment as we go to break.

Archer continues to beat up QT, boots him out of the ring. Roberts now has his mask pulled down. QT pulling himself up on barricade, Britt Baker smacks him with her shoe. Brandi runs over, takes it, and throws it into the stands. In the ring, QT throws some punches and kicks. Archer with one shot drops him. QT with a springboard enziguri, lifts Archer for a moment, but then hits a suplex. QT is dropped, then Archer hits the Blackout, goes for the pin, pulls QT back up. Archer then claws QT's head and slams it to the mat, much like he did to Dustin Rhodes.

Winner: Lance Archer via Pinfall

- Post-match, Baker jumps the barricade and gives Brandi a DDT on the floor! She then rolls Brandi into the ring, Roberts shows up with a snake and brings it into the ring. He then puts the snake on her and taunts her a bunch. Brandi is out as the snake slithers around her. Jim Ross notes how the locker rooms are so spread out at this building, giving a reason as to why Cody isn't running out. Roberts teases throwing the snake out to the audience.

- Next week's show:

* MJF in action
* Brodie Lee vs. Christopher Daniels
* Jurassic Express (with Marko Stunt) vs. Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy)
* Interview with Jake Roberts and Lance Archer
* Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford vs. Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander
* Chris Jericho in action

- Updated Double or Nothing PPV card:

* Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Brodie Lee (AEW World Championship)
* Cody vs. Lance Archer (AEW TNT Championship)
* Jungle Boy vs. MJF
* Casino Ladder Match for future AEW World Championship shot

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega (Street Fight)

Hardy bites Guevara's fingers right off the bat. Jericho pairs off with Omega and everyone is battling right now. Jericho sends Hardy to the back and comes back to help Guevara beat up Omega. Hardy makes his way back and beats up both guys, hits a cutter on Jericho, cover, Guevara breaks it up. Omega back in and hits a snap dragon suplex. Jericho brings in a bat and smacks Omega with it.

Guevara tries for a shooting star press, Omega gets his knees up. Hardy sends Jericho out to the floor, cutter on Guevara. Omega with a v-trigger to the back of Guevara's head. Hardy and Omega both go under the ring and pull out a table and a ladder. Guevara put on the table in the middle of the ring, Hardy climbs the ladder and hits a splash. Cover, but Hager yanks the referee out of the ring. Omega tries for a splash on Hager, caught in midair and thrown down on the apron. Brawl spills out into the ringside area and beyond with Hager getting more involved now.

Things spill out to the backstage area, Hardy finds a metal pipe to stop Jericho and Hager. Matt then throws Jericho into an ice machine, Jericho grabs a bag of ice and smacks it into Hardy. Matt is then put in the ice machine, Omega shows up with a trash can and drops Hager with it. Omega throws Jericho into a golf cart. Guevara throws Omega into an ATM machine, then pockets some bills that came out of it. Omega tosses Guevara into the wall. Omega then powerbombs Guevara into a steel garage door. He dodges Hager, who crashes into Guevara. Omega with a big knee to Hage, sending him into barricades. Jericho then shoves some equipment into Omega.

Matt emerges from the ice and gets the golf cart going, horn blaring, he clips Jericho. Omega and Hardy drive the golf cart after Guevara and he takes a much harder bump, ouch. They drive back to Jericho. Jericho is put on some tables as Omega goes up on a scissor lift. Hager comes over, Omega hits a moonsault on Hager, Jericho, and Hardy!

Omega looks for one winged angel on Jericho, but Santana and Ortiz show up and stop that. Hager gets back in to help out. Three guys then powerbomb Hardy through some tables. Omega is brought over to the golf cart, Jericho with a powerbomb on top of the cart roof. Omega then eats a judas effect, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara via Pinfall

- Post-match, the group celebrates with "Inner Circle" written on the big stadium screen in the background. They flip off the camera as the show ends.