– MVP vs. R-Truth was set to take place at last night’s WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view, after being announced over the weekend, but it did not take place as Bobby Lashley interrupted after MVP and Truth made their entrances. After a few words between the two, Lashley offered to take care of Truth for MVP, and MVP said that was cool with him. The match saw Lashley dominate Truth before getting the win.

Lashley took to Twitter after the show and may have indicated he wants a spot in the rumored MVP stable with WWE NXT Superstars Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne. He wrote, “So @The305MVP how bout you let a real VIP in that VIP Lounge? #Raw”

There’s no word yet on why MVP vs. Truth didn’t happen, but we will keep you updated. Above is video from the Lashley vs. Truth match, and below is the tweet from Lashley:

– As noted, last night’s WWE Money In the Bank main event featured a spot that made it look like King Baron Corbin tossed Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio off the roof of WWE HQ.

While Rey has not commented on the spot, Black did take to Twitter after the show and post the following photo of a ghost. It will be interesting to see how WWE follows up on the spot with Black and Mysterio on tonight’s RAW, if they do at all.