Aleister Black joined this week's WWE Backstage before Sunday's WWE Money in the Bank PPV. Black will be involved in the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match that will take place at WWE HQ against Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, King Corbin, Otis, and AJ Styles. During the conversation, Black talked about getting advice from guys like Paul Heyman, and how his wife, Zelina Vega, has done so far in WWE.

Christian brought up that Black was a favorite of Paul Heyman, and asked what he thought of getting advice from someone, like Heyman.

"I was having this thought after me and Paul [Heyman] were on the phone," Black began. "I'll hang up and an hour later it's so strange that people, like yourself, like Paul Heyman, people like Edge and many, many more are people I can call on to to give me advice, give me a mindset, and help further my game within the WWE.

"Never in a million years did I think some kid from Amsterdam would be in a position not only would he be in the Money in the Bank and a fan favorite, but be informed and led by people like Paul Heyman. It's mind blowing ... it's necessary to have these people in my close circle because that is what's going to elevate me to the next stage within the WWE."

Black's wife, Zelina Vega, is currently leading WWE US Champion Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory on RAW, but Black feels like Vega has a lot more to show the WWE Universe.

"She's an incredibly talented individual and she's only been able to show a glimpse of what she can do," Black said. "I think in the coming months and year, you're only going to see an expansion of people who she's going to take under her wings and guide. The amount of time the company has given her now right now situations like this create unique opportunities for people and some people step up to the plate, and some people don't. I think she has not only stepped up to the plate, she's stepped over the plate. She's been hitting it out of the park."