As noted, this week’s WWE NXT episode on the USA Network saw Chelsea Green pick up another win, this time over Xia Li. Green got the win after interference from Aliyah, who has had a beef with Li for several months now due to Li breaking her nose.

There’s been speculation on Aliyah possibly joining The Robert Stone Brand. Stone watched Green vs. Li from ringside and later helped Aliyah up off the ground before she ran to the back.

Above is video from Green vs. Li, and below is post-match footage of Stone talking to the WWE cameraman. Stone interrupted the camera man as he went to ask Green a question.

“I’ll handle this,” Stone said to Green. He then addressed the interviewer, “Just so you know, I’m pretty sure by now you realize I am Chelsea Green’s representative, Robert Stone. If you have a question for her, you need to address me. I will answer it, OK? One question.”

The interviewer then congratulated Green and went to speak to her but Stone cut him off and said to look at him because the question is for him. The interviewer asked about social media criticism Green is receiving from others in the NXT women’s division. Stone dismissed their complaints and also added to the speculation surrounding Aliyah.

“You’re talking about the women on social media – Shotzi Blackheart, Tegan Nox, Dakota Kai,” Stone said. “Here’s the thing. It’s 2020, it’s a free country, they can say anything they want. The thing is, those girls, they don’t take action. Girls like Chelsea Green, she takes action. Girls like Aliyah, she takes action. So listen, one question. I answered it. If you have any more, here’s my card. Contact me and maybe we can set something up. Alright? Take it.”

Stone also tweeted after last night’s match and wrote, “Two things happened earlier tonight… 1. @ImChelseaGreen showed exactly why she is a #TotalPackage and 2. I showed that I’m a nice enough guy to lend a helping hand. #RobertStoneBrand”

Green made another post-show tweet last night where she mocked fans on Twitter.

She wrote, “Twitter out here like: ‘Chelsea sucks!’ ‘Chelsea’s so overhyped’ ‘I don’t like Chelsea’ @WWE I’m out here like: [laughing photo]”

Stay tuned for more on The Robert Stone Brand. You can see the related tweets and other comments below: