Enzo Amore debuted in NXT in May of 2013 as a loudmouth heel who would be squashed by Mason Ryan.

On the July 3rd episode of NXT, Amore forced the “realest guys in the room” with Big Cass. They became a staple name in NXT for 2 years and debuted on the main roster on the Raw after WrestleMania 32. Enzo was fired from the company in January 2018 due to sexual assault allegations against him, although no charges were ultimately filed following a police investigation. Cass was also released in June of the same year.

During a recent episode of the Arn podcast, Arn Anderson talked about Enzo Amore and his release from the WWE in 2018. He also discussed if a company should bring on Enzo as a talent and give him another shot.

“I’m certainly not the guy who can say ‘This guy doesn’t belong in the business’,” Anderson said. “Unless you really went out of bounds or something, nobody died and left me God and made me make those decisions.

“Enzo was a guy that put a long time down in NXT with Big Cass, but once they came up to the main roster, you go into a whole different learning phase or you’re supposed to. You can’t be too hard headed about that because there are people trying to help you and if you don’t listen to those people and you fail, then it’s on you. If you do listen to those people, and do everything you can to pull it off, then you have a shot at it. Enzo might have been a little too headstrong about how he felt things should go, and only time will tell, who knows when he’ll pop back up somewhere.”

Anderson also addressed a rumored incident involving Enzo being kicked off a WWE tour bus and what he had heard of the situation.

“Rumblings,” Anderson said. “Of course, guys are always not getting along and trying to sabotage each other, then there are times where a guy will just be doing stuff in the locker room or during a match or road trip that you hear about second hand. If its personal stuff I just let it go by, but if its business stuff and you start to hear disturbing things that come from more than one source, sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Anderson mentioned that you never know if Enzo will pop up again in the wrestling business. He noted that some company may offer him a job but that there could be a significant amount of jobs lost if this Coronavirus pandemic continues.

“Never say never in this business,” Anderson said. “You’re a fool if you say ‘Oh, they’ll never work in this business again’, well they won’t until they need you and a company has a place for you and you’re the one that would fit in that spot and they’re really not concerned with your reputation. If there’s a need to be filled, and he’s the guy to fill it then he may get another crack at it, who knows. I would be very careful, even though the business went through the last year. I say it’s a resurgence of pro wrestling.

“Now, it’s like we get slapped down by this tragedy and we’re going to have to start all over again. That means everybody has to get on board and do what is going to strengthen your company. Protect your company at all costs because if these places go under, any one wrestling organization that has started to catch fire over the last year, if it goes under, that’s a lot of jobs. We certainly don’t want to see anybody else lose their job.”

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