Backstage News On Longtime WWE Employee Michael Mansury Leaving

As noted before, longtime WWE employee Michael Mansury officially left the company last week after giving notice a few months ago. Mansury had been working as WWE's Vice President of Global Television Production. He was seen as a significant part of the Triple H regime and some people called him unofficially the "next" Kevin Dunn, as there was an idea that he would eventually fill Dunn's role of Executive Producer.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted this week how everyone that is seen as a potential successor to Dunn has their life "made difficult and they get constantly criticized" to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who would then hear people talk negatively about the person in the spot.

Regarding Mansury's departure, it was noted that he had reportedly gotten impatient when it comes to upward mobility. Mansury had been in the company for 11 years and one person said they were shocked at the departure because some believed he was a WWE lifer. Mansury was said to be well-liked among people in the company.

A source close to the situation compared Mansury's plight with David Sahadi, a veteran wrestling producer who is working for Impact Wrestling right now. Mansury was first hired in 2009 as a Production Assistant, and rose through the ranks as an Associate Producer, Producer, and then Managing Producer. He was then promoted to the role of Vice President of Global Television Production in March 2016. In his most recent role, Mansury directed many RAW and SmackDown TV shows, and some pay-per-view events.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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