The WWE Money In the Bank Ladder Match main event was not the only part of last night's pay-per-view that was pre-taped. Paul Davis of Wrestling News reports that Bray Wyatt's loss to WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman was also taped ahead of time.

The reason for taping Wyatt vs. Strowman ahead of time was that officials didn't want to risk accidentally showing the Firefly Fun House puppeteers on camera when they were shown at ringside during the match. The Wyatt vs. Strowman feud is expected to continue and it's believed that Strowman will have to face The Fiend next time.

In more news from last night's Money In the Bank event, one of the writers suggested having wrestlers fight inside Vince McMahon's office during the MITB main event. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan did enter Vince's office for a quick segment, seen below, but Vince was reportedly not on board with having his office trashed for a full fight, as he didn't want anyone near the real dinosaur bones hanging on the wall. The T-Rex bones were reportedly gifted to Vince by Triple H.