Barry Darsow, better known as Smash from the tag team Demolition, said his tag team was not a copy of the Road Warriors.

It was easy for fans to link Demolition and the Road Warriors to each other because of how similar the teams looked. Darsow spoke about Demolition and their connection to the Road Warriors during an appearance on VOC Nation's In The Room podcast. Darsow said the teams are distinct from each other despite what fans might think.

"When I first went up there they had pictures of the Demolition with the spikes and the masks and stuff The Road Warriors were down (in the NWA) from the movie Road Warrior, so (the WWF) had to have their guys that were kind of like that I don't know that for sure," Darsow said. "I know we worked completely different than they did, we did have a different look, our interviews were different, so we were different from them."

Demolition spent four years as a team in WWE and have the second longest tag team championship reign in WWE history at 478 days. The original lineup consisted of Darsow and William Eadie, better known as Ax. Ax was replaced by Brian Adams, better known as Crush, shortly after Survivor Series in 1990 when Ax left the promotion, but the team couldn't reach its previous heights at the top of the division.

Darsow said losing Ax hurt Demolition's popularity with WWE fans.

"If Bill wouldn't have gotten sick it would have changed a lot of things," he said. "It was terrible; he had an allergic reaction to shrimp. He pretty much died, and then they brought him back (to life). It was a terrible thing. The Demolition was Ax and Smash, it wasn't (Smash and) Crush, so whenever you bring in someone to replace the main people it just doesn't work. And it didn't work you're not special anymore, and the fans know that that was the writing on the wall."

Despite their success and legacy as a tag team in the company, Demolition aren't in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Darsow said he doesn't know why the team isn't in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

"I honestly don't know why we have heat," he said. "I've never spoken bad about anybody, I've always went by the rules and everything. Bill has kind of ruffled feathers a bit but still I don't know if we'll ever get into the hall of fame or not. I don't know what we've done. It's actually really hard when wrestling was my whole life, and I don't even talk to anybody anymore up in the WWE. It's just really strange."

You can listen to Darsow's entire appearance on the In The Room podcast by clicking here.