RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently spoke with TV Insider to discuss the WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view and her appearance on Showtime’s “Billions” series.

Lynch was tight-lipped about her appearance on the season 5 premiere of “Billions” this Sunday at 9pm ET. She was asked about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and how he would get along with characters from the show, Chuck and Axe. Becky revealed that she recently saw Vince demonstrate falling off a tower. She did not elaborate, but it sounds like this could have been related to the upcoming Money In the Bank ladder matches, which will see competitors fight through the floors of WWE HQ, to the roof of Titan Tower where the briefcases, ring and ladder will be.

“I think Vince would do pretty well on this show, the eccentric character that he is,” Becky said. “You look at [Axe], and he’s unassuming. Vince is such a larger-than-life character. At the same time, I watched him the other day demonstrate falling off a tower at 74-years-old without a bother, brushing his shoulders off and standing up again.”

Lynch, who has rarely been used on WWE TV for the recent shows taped at the closed-set Performance Center, was also asked her thoughts on new faces getting the opportunities in WWE, such as Dana Brooke and Zelina Vega. Lynch said it’s exactly what she wants to see, but these talents need to step up and run with the ball.

“It’s what I want to see,” she said. “The thing is you can’t do this in a vacuum or as one person. These people need to step up and run with it. Nobody can afford to drop the ball right now. We have millions of people at home counting on us for entertainment. It’s the only live sport that is really going on right now.”

Lynch was also asked who she wants to see win the briefcase for a future title shot. She named her 2020 Royal Rumble opponent.

“One of my favorite opponents is Asuka. I think I would like to face her again,” Lynch answered.

Lynch hasn’t wrestled since Night One of WrestleMania 36, which saw her retain the title over Shayna Baszler. She’s teased an appearance at Money In the Bank on May 10, but nothing has been announced. Lynch revealed that she has been staying fit during the coronavirus pandemic because fiancé Seth Rollins has his Black & Brave Wrestling Academy in Davenport, Iowa where they are able to train daily.

“We’re quite lucky because Seth has a gym here in Iowa,” she said when asked how quarantine has been treating her and how she’s staying busy. “We at least have that to go to and train every day. So, lots of training and catching up on shows. I’d never seen Game of Thrones. I watched the whole eight seasons in two weeks. Now, [I’m busy with] reading and acting lessons and all those good things.”

It’s interesting to note that Lynch is taking acting lessons. You can click here for our new report on Lynch receiving interest from the entertainment world.