Brodie Lee recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote tonight's AEW Dynamite episode and his match with AEW World Champion Jon Moxley at Saturday's Double Or Nothing pay-per-view.

It was noted that Double Or Nothing plans likely would be very different if the coronavirus pandemic had not impacted the business the way it did. Lee would likely be facing a different opponent this weekend as Moxley would likely be defending against MJF. However, now this is Lee's opportunity to prove he belongs in the World Title picture. Lee said he left WWE to come to where he can prove himself, and now there are no creative writers to blame, no Vince McMahon.

"I left the other company to come to a place where I can prove myself," Lee said. "Now the pressure is on me. There is no one left to blame—there are no writers, no Vince McMahon. It's me versus Jon Moxley."

Lee revealed that his two biggest inspirations in pro wrestling were Fit Finlay and William Regal.

"Look at Fit Finlay," Lee said. "He didn't waste a moment of movement in that ring. Finlay and William Regal, those were my two biggest inspirations, and whether it's grabbing a guy's face to move him or the way they hit people in such distinct, beautiful motion, neither of those guys wasted a moment. So to me, if it doesn't look right, it bothers me."

Lee also revealed that he battled a lot of self-doubt while with WWE. Now he has the chance to better control his narrative with more time on the mic in AEW, and with each new opportunity, his confidence expands.

"Self-doubt played a huge role in my life for a long time in WWE," Lee said. "It makes you doubt who you are and what you are. I knew that I was a great professional wrestler and I knew I was one of the better ones in the locker room, and I had coworkers telling me that. But that wasn't the decision that was made. I knew I was better than that, and that's why I needed to get out of that environment."

Lee's objective with Double Or Nothing is to present himself in a way that shows he has the size, look, ability and intangibles of a World Champion. He's looking forward to doing battle with his real-life friend Moxley.

"We've done this for going on 10 years, starting in 2010 in Evolve," he said. "We wrestled in CZW, wrestled in WWE and now here we are in AEW. He's going to punch me in the face and bring something else out of me."