Buff Bagwell Explains Why His Face Was Bruised In Recent Cameo Video

Former WCW superstar Buff Bagwell made news after a Cameo video he recorded showed his face badly bruised. The video went viral with many fans concerned for Bagwell.

Bagwell soon took to Facebook andexplained the situation behind the Cameo video and the bruise on his face.

Bagwell said that he was making the video after calls from people like Diamond Dallas Page who wanted to make sure that everything was OK. He talked about his mother's health status dealing with dementia and a lack of health insurance to get her the proper care that she needs.

Bagwell also said that he was rushing in Cameo videos at the time of recording and admitted that he was drunk and properly not in the best state of mind. He says that his girlfriend had wanted him to not record the video because of the state that he was in, but he did so to fulfill the Cameo request. However, he did say that he can now look back on the Cameo video and laugh about it.

Bagwell did address the bruise on his face and says it was due to tripping over his dog and hitting his face on the pavement. At first, he thought he had broken his nose but was just left with the bruise shown in the Cameo video. He showed fans that he is OK now crediting himself as a fast healer.

Throughout the video, Bagwell apologizes multiple times and thanks the fans and his friends for their show of support and show of concern. He assures everyone that, "I'm still Buff Bagwell. I'm still The Stuff," and says that his remark of "putting his girlfriend in a choke-hold" was merely a joke.

Near the end of the video he says, "I didn't think it would get this kind of outcome, but at the same time, from my heart and my soul, I do apologize. I'm sorry."

You can view Bagwell's full video below: