Even though his friend Edge had one of the most grueling matches with Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36, Christian has also had his fair share of exciting matches with “The Viper.” He describes their on-again, off-again feud as magical, because of their chemistry and different in-ring styles.

“We had this crazy chemistry. We had this kind of chemistry that was undeniable,” Christian mentioned on WWE’s The Bump.”I think, to me, I can make sense of it all in the differences of how we performed. He’s more slow and methodical, and I keep a faster pace. I think with those types – those differences in our styles – it just clicked really well. Yeah, every time we touched, it seemed to be magic. I also think the confidence we had in each other, we knew every time we went out there we were going to put on a match that people were going to talk about for a long time.”

When trying to recall which match with Orton was his favorite, Christian was able to narrow it down to three, which he describes in great detail.

“I think the one match where I won,” Christian chuckled. “Actually, I think my favorite of the series was the Over The Limit match [2011]. There was so much emotion. There was such an investment on both sides from both of us personally, and from the WWE Universe. It was almost like a soccer match. You could hear half of the arena chanting for Orton, and half the arena chanting for me. Then, they would switch; it was an emotional rollercoaster at the time. I really think right after that last sequence where the match could have gone either way, we had the crowd on the edge of their seats. I think the story that it told, for me, was my favorite one out of all the other ones that we did.

“I also think we had a great streetfight, or was it a No Holds Barred? It was a No Holds Barred match at Summerslam, which I was proud of. We also had a great cage match on SmackDown, which I believe, was the last one of that series. It’s hard to pinpoint one. But, if you told me I had to make a decision, it would be that Over The Limit match.”

With everything that Christian has accomplished, he states the one thing that he considers a career highlight for him, was winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the first time at Extreme Rules in 2011.

“Yeah, I think winning the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time,” Christian said proudly. “It happened in Tampa, which is not my hometown, but my adopted hometown. I had a lot of friends and family at that event; it was huge. For me, whenever I got into this business, I wanted to be the very best that I could be. I always had aspirations to be the champion. I never gave up. It happens for some people quicker than for others. It took me about 15 years. But, every day that I walked into the arena, I said to myself, ‘Today is the day that they’re going to know how good I am.’ That’s how I went about my business on a daily basis. I never gave up hope on getting that opportunity. I worked hard on getting that opportunity. That’s the biggest moment that stands out to me. It all kind of cumulated at that moment.”

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