CM Punk Mocks WWE's Billing For Edge Vs. Randy Orton?, Punk Apparently Teases More To Come For Fans

WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk took to Twitter today and indicated that he has more to come for fans of his work.

Punk responded to a tweet from FITE TV asking fans about their favorite all-time Punk moments. He wrote "TBD" for to be determined.

WWE 205 Live Superstar Ariya Daivari responded to the FITE tweet and recalled when his brother Shawn Daivari showed him a tape of Punk wrestling in ACW (All-Star Championship Wrestling), the indie promotion that Punk, Shawn and others competed in during the early 2000s.

Ariya wrote, "When my bro popped in a vhs of ACW in green bay and said 'you gotta see this CM Punk guy'"

"That sounds more like your favorite Daivari moment," Punk responded to Ariya's tweet.

Indie wrestling veteran Arik Cannon responded to that tweet and posted a photo of Ariya shaving his brother's back. He captioned the photo by calling it his favorite Daivari moment.

Punk responded to that photo and wrote, "Super thumbs down emoji"

Punk also plugged his return to WWE Backstage on FS1, which has been announced for next Tuesday night. He apparently mocked WWE's billing for Randy Orton vs. WWE Hall of Famer Edge at the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view. We've noted how WWE is hyping Edge vs. Orton as "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever."

"This will be.... THE GREATEST EPISODE OF BACKSTAGE EVER. ::bows::," Punk wrote to plug next week's return to WWE Backstage.

Punk has been away from WWE in-ring action since retiring in 2014. He lost his only two UFC fights in 2016 and 2018, and hasn't competed since then. There's no word on when he might wrestle or fight again.

You can see the related tweets from Punk, Daivari and Cannon below: