Last night was AEW’s PPV, Double Or Nothing. During the PPV, Cody Rhodes defeated Lance Archer to become the first AEW TNT Champion.

While discussing his win, Cody spoke about the lineage of Turner and wrestling. He also shared that it was his mother who he thought of first when he won the title.

“You talk about TNT, you talk about the wrestling, the Turner Family Networks, everything that Dusty, Bill, Eric, and Sting did,” said Cody Rhodes. “There is this lineage, this heritage. Tony Schiavone brought up this really good point in our sit down interview. He named all these great stats for me, like my 1,000th match by 28. It was really special stuff, but they were like 10-year stats. They were stats that just didn’t – it’s not what you shoot for.”

“To be the very first, it’s a d–n good feeling. Arn Anderson telling me, ‘Now it’s your time. Your time just started.’ After all this time, I think, ‘Oh good, finally.’ I’m just really happy. My initial thoughts might sound so strange, this story is so uniquely linked to Turner, Dusty, Dustin, and Cody, but my initial thoughts when I won were just about my mom. She’s the one I have left. I think she enjoyed it. I was happy. When you can please your mom, it’s a good thing.”

While Cody thinks that Lance Archer is one of the top three people he’s been in the ring with, before he questioned bringing in the former NJPW and Impact wrestler to All Elite Wrestling. He also revealed that it was QT Marshall and Tony Khan who were the ones who recruited Archer to AEW.

“Lance is probably one of the top three people I’ve ever been in the ring with,” revealed Cody. “We’re not best friends by any means. The recruitment of Lance Archer to AEW was Tony Khan and QT Marshall. They were the ones who were on the search. I questioned that search and now I have no questions anymore. It’s one of the top three opponents I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to step back in the ring with him. A freaky hybrid, drug-free athlete, the things he can do. That’s what a wrestling company should be paying the big bucks for. Hats off to Tony and QT for finding him.”

Cody explained that the TNT Championship has Ted Turner’s mansion on it. The title isn’t finished, but he thinks it should be done by this week’s Dynamite.

“The part that is the most special that Tony Khan pointed out to me is the mansion, it’s Ted’s,” said Cody. “If you have driven by Techwood and you see the studios, this is the mansion and the guy hand painted it. I know Tony has already told you all of this already, so it’s not breaking news, this is not even the final belt. The actual silver-plated title, which has the silver finish and the extra details, due to COVID and the pandemic didn’t have it here. Maybe we could have it as soon as this week’s Dynamite. I don’t know if I want it [the final one], this is the one that was handed to me. I think it’s the coolest d–n thing I’ve ever seen.”

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