Cody Rhodes Responds To Fan Who Asks About Diversity In AEW

AEW star Cody Rhodes responded to comments about AEW's treatment of their black talent.

A fan asked, "When are the black talent in your company gonna be treated like main event stars? do you believe in the hashtag 'alllivesmatter'? what is AEW doing to make sure that their black fans feel valued?"


Cody replied to the fan with examples of Scorpio Sky being one of the first AEW Champions and AEW having the only black executive in wrestling history.

He wrote, "One of our first champions was a black man. We have the only black executive in wrestling history as part of our core infrastructure as well. Our fans are beyond valued, I'd encourage you to watch my interview from this past week where I spoke directly to the viewer at home."

All Elite Wrestling was also called out by former GCW World Champion AJ Gray today on social media.

Gray tweeted, "How u gonna preach diversity yet you won't hire black wrestlers who are equally talented if not more talented.... AND NOW You won't stand up for black peoples human rights? I'm all the way good on goin to Jacksonville....."


As of this writing, nobody from AEW responded to Gray's comments.

Below you can see their exchange and AJ Gray's tweet: