Becky Lynch's pregnancy was as much of a surprise to WWE talent as it was to the audience, D-von Dudley said.

Lynch surprised the world on Monday when she revealed she was pregnant and relinquishing the WWE RAW Women's championship. Dudley discussed Lynch's pregnancy on the most recent episode of his podcast Table Talk. Dudley said the roster was shocked to hear Lynch was pregnant.

"No one knew, and we were watching the segment just like everyone else was at home, and if I'm not mistaken I believe Asuka didn't know, so the reaction that she gave was extremely genuine and natural," Dudley said. "It's one of those things where, sometimes, keeping things a secret, and I use very loosely because I hate when sometimes a lot of the boys don't know when something is going on, and you think you have to work us and you don't. However, I know some people do go to the dirt sheets, or what have you, and start spilling the guts. Next thing you know you're going, 'How did that get out?'

"This one, I think, was really cool not to say anything, because the response when she did say, 'You're going to go off to be WWE (RAW) Women's champion, and I'm going to go off and be a mother,' everybody in the room just went, 'What?!'"

Dudley said it was a beautiful thing that most of the roster in the back was surprised at Lynch's announcement, noting how Lynch has kept a level head despite her increased stature in WWE.

Dudley said if there was a crowd present during Lynch's segment, it would have received as much of a reaction as Randy Savage and Elizabeth reuniting.

"If we would have had a crowd, the emotion that would have went through the arena would have been incredible, ... it kind of reminds me (of) when Randy Savage and Elizabeth got back together after being beat by The Ultimate Warrior," Dudley said. "Sensational Sherri turning on The Macho Man, Miss Elizabeth coming from the audience to get rid of Sherri to be reunited with The Macho Man, and the tears when that happened because of the history of Randy and Elizabeth was just incredible. Grown men standing up crying in the arena when those two hugged.

"I feel if we would have had an audience that night, we would have gotten the same reaction."

You can listen to the entire episode of Table Talk at this link. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Table Talk with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.