AEW star Darby Allin recently did an interview with WrestleZone.

During the interview, Darby Allin shared his feelings about wrestlers who are 'just happy' to be with a company and around wrestling legends.

"A lot of people I feel like, all over wrestling, are just happy to be there," Darby said. "That was never the case for me. I never wanted to be just a guy who was just happy to be there. If I'm like doing this for a living I'm just going to give it my all, I don't want to be a guy who just 'Oh, just happy to be here look at all the legends I'm hanging out within the legends in the locker room! Like these are the people I grew up watching this is so cool!' (h/t: Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Allin went on to explain how young talent should stop sucking up to legends in the lockerroom. He feels that if they don't stop and act as peers, the young talent end up being little b--ches.

"There comes a time where you have to fu--ing not be an ass-kisser and do business and have those people you look up to end up being peers that if you don't ever take that step you're going to end up being a little b--ch in a way," Darby explained.

Darby Allin was recently in the TNT Championship Tournament semi-finals. He was defeated by Cody Rhodes. The Tournament final for the inaugural AEW TNT Championship will be Lance Archer vs. Cody Rhodes at Double Or Nothing on May 23.