Deonna Purrazzo Heading To Impact Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo is headed to Impact Wrestling. On tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling, the vignette below aired for Purrazzo.

"I am the Virtuosa," Purrazzo said in the video. "Do you even know what that means? Allow me to explain. I express outstanding technical ability. I have a cultivated appreciation for artistic excellence. Unlike the average human, I have been able to declutter my mind and access space previously ignored.


"To be truly virtuous, I have formulated the perfect equation for success which I implement with precision. A unique training that not only lies in technique, but in the movements between, allowing my reactions to not be within the stimulus, but to be within my subconscious knowledge. I am Deonna Purrazzo, the Virtuosa."

She also tweeted, "I'll see you soon @IMPACTWRESTLING"

Purrazzo had previously wrestled several matches for the company from 2014 – 2017.

Purrazzo was released from her WWE NXT contract last month, which had a 30 day non-compete clause. Purrazzo recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. on The Wrestling Inc. Daily and discussed the leaps that Impact Wrestling had made with their women's division.


"I think Impact, along with AEW, when people have asked where my sights are set, those are the two biggest places," stated Purrazzo. "I think especially with Impact, they've signed so many women over the past 2-3 weeks. Kimber Lee just debuted. Tasha Steelz just debuted. They have Nevaeh and Jordynne Grace is there champion. It's a lot of people I've worked with on the indies before WWE so I would be so excited to meet back up with now.

Not only has Impact loaded up their women's division, but their current World Champion is a former Knockouts Champion in Tessa Blanchard. Purrazzo was asked about Impact putting the title on a woman.

"I think it's really eye-opening to the rest of the wrestling world. Impact has always ? since the beginning of TNA ? been so open minded with the way they treat their women's division," Purrazzo told Wrestling Inc. "So, to do such a historic decision only breaks down those barriers more. Women can only continue to grow from here on out."

You can check out the vignette for Purrazzo below: