Ryback and Dolph Ziggler got into a bit of a back and forth on social media about safety in the ring and Ziggler receiving a concussion from Ryback back in 2014.

It first began after Ryback promoted his World’s Hottest Corn Chip Hot Pepper Challenge video on YouTube, which got a response from a fan daring him to try a chili vodka next.

“I’ve had more heat walking by @HEELZiggler flirting with ‘plug in any random diva’ asking if we’re going for @Hooters after the show,” Ryback wrote.

“Woooo, the ‘random diva’ even complimented your massive forearms! Well the one, anyway,” Ziggler responded.

Ryback then referenced Ziggler “forgetting” to duck one of Ryback’s shots that apparently caused the 2014 injury.

“Had to have been the one that knocked you out when you ‘forgot’ to duck. Still baffles me to this day a guy with your neck width crumbled so easily, but shooters all have their weaknesses.”

Ziggler countered by letting everyone know he did what he could to avoid a match against the former WWE star.

“I did whatever I could to get out of a Ryback match, only getting hit once. It was the safe thing to do & not breach my contract. Plus, they said being in the ring with you, counted as community service. P.S.: feel free to google the word: ‘safe.'”

Ryback then responded, “I googled safe and got this image???” showing a photo of a man apparently choking a woman. He then posted a photo of himself with Ziggler.