McIntyre revealed that he used to travel with the Great Khali and Jinder Mahal in an interview with Yash Bhati of the Hindustan Times. McIntyre said they explained to him how popular wrestling is in India during their time traveling together.

"I've known how big it is for a while," McIntyre said. "I used to travel with the Great Khali and Jinder, who is obviously one of my best friends. That was my old riding crew. It was myself in the back, Jinder driving and Khali in the front with the seat all the way back because he was so big, and they would explain to me just how big wrestling is in India.

"I have never got to go, but I have seen on social media. All the messages I get, basically the private messages are all from the Indian fans, just typing about how they enjoy WWE and how they enjoy the work I am doing, which means the world to me."

The WWE has made a concerted effort to establish a fanbase in India, including signing a new five year television deal with SPN and signing three new recruits from the country in January. While McIntyre hasn't performed in India before, he said he wants to wrestle there when the world returns to normal.

"I can't wait to come over to India," McIntyre said. "Personally, I think that's going to be a big thing to help in the, I keep saying the growth, 25 million people watched WrestleMania wrestling is huge in India, but to help it get even bigger. I can't wait, when things normalize we're able to get back, we get a big show to India. I think that's going to be helpful to be there live.

"I can't wait to be there personally. I can't wait until everyone is able to get back together in an arena, and I know Indian fans are going to be so loud (and) crazy, and it's going to be an awesome night."

McIntyre lauded the size of the Indian wrestling fan base and said he couldn't wait to eat some authentic Indian food.

McIntyre is scheduled to defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins this Sunday at Money In The Bank. New subscribers can sign up for the WWE Network today by clicking here and get their first month for free, which includes WWE Money In The Bank this Sunday.