WWE Champion Drew McIntyre spoke with Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda about gaining the freedom to give unscripted promos on WWE TV.

“I mean, inevitably, it comes down to Vince McMahon being cool with everything and, if it’s working, he’s going to be cool with it,” McIntyre began. “I think, like, a Paul Heyman knows exactly who I am, what I’m capable of and what I was doing outside of the company, and was maybe looking for that opportunity to let me be myself, to allow Mr McMahon to see that.”

In gaining that trust, the champ thought back to a promo he did that kept the fans around after a dark match, and showed off more of who he truly is as a person.

“I can’t pinpoint exactly but Paul Heyman reminded me recently that there was a particular promo that I did, it was a dark match after RAW had finished, it was a Cage Match and he basically said, ‘Go buy some time,'” McIntyre recalled. “I went out, sat on the barricade and I was just myself, I was Drew Galloway, I interacted with the crowd and I remember fans stopping and turning round, and walking back down because I was just having fun, being silly ? being the real Drew ? being sarcastic, telling jokes aren’t funny half the time and that’s the real me, but when the bell rings, they also know I’m going to kick butt.”

McIntyre then noted how little he uses of what the writers give to him when it’s time to talk.

“I guess that’s part of my charm is that I am a bit goofy and a bit silly at times but, when it comes down to it,” McIntyre said. “I will kick your butt and I’ve got a relatable story so it is really cool to be the real me and, like you say, if you looked at the pieces of paper that say words on it before I go out there, I’d be shocked if you found four that actually come out on television. “

McIntyre is set to defend the WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley at WWE Backlash on June 14.