Wrestling photographer George Napolitano recently posted a ring sheet from a 1981 WWF Madison Square Garden show. The card featured Hulk Hogan, Stan Hansen, Tony Atlas and other wrestling legends.

The card was hand-written with match results. A result that caught many fans' attention was Atlas beating Hogan. Napolitano had noted that despite pinning Hogan at MSG, he never got a big push tagging former Ring of Honor owner and current ambassador Cary Silkin for his input

"But Atlas never really got a big push. He was just another extra on the card after prelim guys," Napolitano tweeted. "He should have been pushed better but who knows the real reason he wasn't. @rohcary."

Silkin had a quick reply to the tweet saying that he had smoke cocaine with the WWE Hall of Famer Atlas in a hotel in '86 or '87. He tweeted, "I smoked cocaine with him at the hotel on eighth Avenue In 86 or 87." When Monster Factory head coach tweeted out a confused GIF, Silkin replied, "Why would that surprise you"

You can view Silkin's tweets below: