Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Brandon Cutler goes to do his Kick Out Challenge and says "false finish." Matt Hardy then explains what a false finish is in wrestling. Back to Cutler who tries to do the false finish with the Young Bucks, but doesn't end up kicking out of anything after multiple tries.

* At the BTE Compound, Matt Jackson says he once was a great basketball player. Plays a game of H-O-R-S-E (instead making it B-T-E) with his brothers. Matt is eliminated first.

* Cody and Tony Schiavone are at AEW - East HQ. Cody says this segment will be called Quarantine Confessions. Tony says he bought a PS4 recently and can't put it down.

* Luchasaurus finds Super Panda outside a Panda Express as he continues to look for his lost tail. Panda pops off on Luchasaurus about how they once tagged, but he got hurt and Luchasaurus didn't check in. Then he got his big AEW contract and headed off. Luchasaurus says he doesn't care about his tail, but does care about his friends. He says he'll make it right and get him (and their other friends) some bookings. Panda then agrees to help Luchasaurus find his tail. A dancing Colt Cabana head graphic bounces across the screen to get him into this episode.

* Taz talks with Benigno Bodega (the fortune teller) about one co-worker who seems to be envious of him, noting he wears a mask. Bodega immediately calls out Excalibur and says he's jealous. Taz says he also owes him money, and says he doesn't like Tony Schiavone either. Excalibur then ends up calling Taz and Taz curses him out.

* Back to the BTE game, Nick ends up losing the game by missing a simple layup.

* Kassidy waiting in his backyard for his Private Party teammate to show up. Quen and him talk about that sneak attack from last time around. Someone knocks on the fence door, it's their friend, EJ, again (the guy who owns the house). They don't let him in his own backyard, but when they turn around there is some paper that looks like maybe a map or an "L." Quen says he'll take it and see what it's about. He goes to leave and that stuffed bear that previously attacked them trips him, Quen's head hits a rock. Kassidy still chilling in the backyard, getting drunk and that masked mysterious figure shows up again. He goes to hit Kassidy, but he wakes up and gets some flashbacks of who he thinks jumped him. Kassidy goes off to tell Quen.

* Hangman Page staying at home still and is going to show us how to make sourdough bread. Page is standing behind his counter, explaining the first steps. As he goes to get some water from the sink we see he's not wearing any pants and he gets partially censored out. Page then says we have to wait for the bread to rise for six hours, the video speeds up with Page still standing there, apparently for the whole six hours. Page then puts the bread in for some time, he pulls it out and the bread is already somehow sliced. He finishes up, but then asks if they disinfected the flour (they didn't) and he feels like they aren't being safe enough.