Jeff Hardy joined Corey Graves on After The Bell this week and discussed how his current run is his "last chance to get it right." He talked about his struggles with alcoholism and his path to sobriety.

During the interview, Graves talked to Hardy about potential opponents he would want to face before he retires. Hardy talked about Brock Lesnar and how he faced him in Lesnar's debut match. Hardy has said before that he wanted to face Lesnar before he retired, and he noted the potential story parallel of being Lesnar's first match and Lesnar being Hardy's final match.

"When I did the Backstage show in LA, they asked me about Brock Lesnar, and I had totally forgotten I was his first match in WWE. If there's one more thing, I would love to get my ass kicked by him again because he's intimidating and insanely gifted," Hardy said. "To be as successful as he was in the MMA world, he's amazing, so that would be interesting. Maybe he could be my last match. I was his first match. He's my last match."

Hardy called Lesnar one of the most intimidating WWE star's he's ever faced, and revealed that there was a potential idea he came up with that was nixed. Hardy described the potentially dangerous spot that he had planned with Lesnar that he eventually got to do with Angle to no success.

"There was an idea with Brock," Hardy said. "I thought it was possible where I would do a Swanton to Paul Heyman, but I would be doing it over Brock like he was down in the corner. I would do the Swanton and he would spear me upside down out of the air because I thought that was possible. Someone like Brock, he'd be able to do that. They said no, you can't try that. That's insane.

"Then later, oh god, me and Kurt Angle tried that, and it didn't work out at all. It was tough to pull off."

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