Below are highlights from Being the Elite:

* Kenny Omega does a zoom chat, but gets angered when he realizes it’s Colt Cabana who called him. Cabana calms him down a bit and says The Young Bucks gave him the number. Cabana said he just wanted to be on the show and be turned into a star (“like that schmuck, Flip Gordon”). Omega says he sees a lot of himself in Cabana, but he’s afraid he’s going to lose what he has to someone like Cabana. He brings up how he should have been the star of his tag team, but everyone is chanting “cowboy s—” for Hangman Page.

* Matt Jackson hanging around the house, puts something in the trash, but tries to leave it despite the trash piling up. His wife asks him to take it out and he begrudgingly does it. Matt then decides to get out of it, so he smacks his head against the wall and gets “busted open.” His wife ends up taking the trash out for him.

* Back to Omega telling Cabana how he’s the expected star of everything in his life, he goes back to his childhood and talks about everything he was supposed to be great at. Cabana then realizes that Omega is afraid someone is going to take his spot. Omega says that’s it, but he can’t trust Cabana. Colt says Omega he did open up and gave him some trust.

* Recap of Private Party’s segments where we saw Hangman Page was the mastermind behind the attack on the tag team. Kassidy and Quen put it together that Page is the one who did it. Kassidy calls Page and calls him out. Kassidy says next week he wants a backyard match (Private Party vs. the stuffed bear and Bonez) and if the Bear/Bonez can win, he won’t ever bother Page about that $12 that he owes him ever again.

* Nick Jackson hanging outside with Brandon Cutler, Matt finally shows up with a band-aid on his head. They ask him what’s up with that, Matt says he got some color at home. Cut to Matt Hardy explaining that “color” in wrestling is bleeding (sometimes accidentally and sometime on purpose). Back to Matt and Nick, looks like Nick is building a new wrestling ring to make sure he stays in ring shape with the pandemic going on. Montage of the ring being built it shown.

* Back to Omega and Cabana, Kenny says he’s going to think of some long-term angle between Omega and Cabana. Omega says maybe five months down the line or after 100 episodes of Being the Elite, Cabana can finally come swooping in and get his star moment. Cabana seems put off at how long he’ll have to wait for that to come around. Omega feels like things are good between them, but Colt is still annoyed AEW doesn’t have anything creatively for the next couple weeks.

* Justin Roberts standing in a room, still looking around.

* Hangman Page out in the woods, says it’s good to stay hydrated, looks like he drinks his own urine. Page talks to the camera about a bald eagle whizzing by his head and settle in their nest. Page says as he drank the last bit of his whiskey, he thought about maybe going home. Page continues it feels irresponsible though to go back to his house though with the virus still going around, and he kind of enjoys living out in the woods. Page talks about wanting to avoid his house ? he’s actually avoiding AEW ? making similar comparisons to his home and his work. “I nearly won the prestigious ‘Man of the House’ award in May. I teamed up with our broom to clean the house better than anyone who has swept before. I feel like I had started to patch up the holes in the walls of the house.” Page wonders if he is being a brat and is the bad guy in all of this. He continues that he knows he has to go back home, but he also wouldn’t mind getting on a horse and simply riding off into the sunset.