Kevin Fertig may have transitioned from the WWE ring to the real estate market, but that doesn’t mean the former superstar has totally put pro wrestling completely in the rear-view. He uses “The champ is home” for clients who close on a deal. And Fertig, who was recently featured in an episode of HGTV’s “House in a Hurry,” isn’t above putting on Kevin Thorn and Mordecai ring attire a time or two for promotion.

“I can make it work,” Fertig said, on the subject if he got the call to lace up the boots one more time. “I would probably be a little slow. I’m not going to lie. It’s a lot harder to work out 24 hours a day and stay in shape when you’re constantly under timelines and showing houses. You’re constantly in the car driving around eating. If they called me today and gave me a month, I could do it all day long with that time. A week? I would be a little slow.”

Fertig speaks of his time in WWE positively, now more than a decade later. He is a firm believer in everything happening for a reason.

“Maybe this is what i was really supposed to be doing,” he said. “Helping people out and taking what I learned beforehand to change a family’s life. I don’t know. I think there would definitely be some cool things with Mordecai or Kevin Thorn with Bray Wyatt. The Boneyard match with Undertaker would have been cool. There is always the could of, would of, should of. I’m definitely grateful for that, and it has definitely opened up doors.”

Some of his fondest memories go beyond WWE and overseas in a series of matches with the late Kris Travis. The promising performer tragically passed away in 2016 to stomach cancer.

“We started this on a whim in England. It was a Facebook feud. Then we added these three solid matches that kept this feud going for a couple of months miles, seas and oceans apart. It was some of my most fun matches out there, aside from of course WrestleMania. I finally didn’t have my hands tied. I could go out there and really do it the way I wanted to do it and have all the input.

“I think a lot of guys saw that. Dave Mastiff and a lot of guys saw that. It’s always a talking point between us and that time. Then in WWE stuff, Mania is always the match. But the one after Mania in Fort Wayne for ECW where it was just the hardcore, 20 minutes of mayhem (Extreme Rules match New Breed vs. the ECW Originals in 2007). That definitely was some of the most fun times. Any time you’re underneath the lights is always a blessing, especially on the grand stage ”

Fertig can see the landscape has changed in the course of the last 10 years. He tries to watch the product and support friends when he can. Although his realty work keeps him busy.

“Some of my favorites to watch now are Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson,” he said. “These guys that have done it their ways the whole time, same as AEW guys. They’ve made themselves such super powers with social media. I would have loved to been involved in that. Just from a business standpoint, I’ve been working really hard to get my social media to where it needs to be. These guys come out and have 700,000 people following them. It’s insane. You have such a strong base and network for yourself already. You’re coming out powerful if you do get release?.

“I’m definitely a fan of Wyatt. I love seeing Edge come back. [Randy] Orton is always a favorite of mine. The girls are doing stuff that are just unheard of because their hands aren’t tied and they can show up the men if they wanted to. The mythical characters are always going to be my favorite. Aleister Black, guys like that.”

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