King Baron Corbin responded to some criticism from WWE fans on Twitter this afternoon, and corrected one of the critics after they talked down to a supporter of his.

The exchange began when one fan responded to WWE’s tweet on next Monday’s non-title match between Corbin and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The fan said they will try not to fall asleep.

Corbin responded to that tweet by posting a screenshot of the fan’s face. He captioned the photo with, “Sweet cartilage piercing”

Another fan, who apparently works as an indie referee and podcast co-host, made a tweet and took shots at Corbin’s appearance, because Corbin is known to do the same thing to fans on social media.

The fan wrote, “Legit question for @BaronCorbinWWE. Does he in any way, shape, or form believe he ACTUALLY looks good thus allowing him to mock other peoples appearances? Sure seems like throwing stones in a homely, bald, skinny-fat, oddly shaped bodied home for personality-less trust fund geeks”

Corbin responded by doing what he did to the first fan – posting a screenshot of their profile photo.

“Dang I can see why you’re mad,” Corbin captioned the photo of the indie referee with.

Another fan came to the defense of the indie referee and wrote to Corbin, “Nice try at Whataboutism. Joe isn’t on international TV. You are and look like a f–king idiot. Not in a ‘good heel’, but in who did you suck off to get on TV? You are not got good at your job.”

A defender of Corbin chimed in on the thread and wrote, “It’s literally his job to make you hate him. Looks to me like he’s actually pretty damn good at it”

The last fan who defended the indie referee quickly responded to Corbin’s supporter and told her to learn what heat is. He wrote, “Learn the difference between good heel heat and go away/turn the channel heat”

That’s when Corbin got involved in the thread again. The SmackDown Superstar fired back at the fan who thought he knew it all, telling him he really knows nothing.

“Truth is you dont actually know. You think BC you sit behind a computer dropping @Doritos crumbs on your self reading the internet you know. You’ve never actually experienced anything to understand. Just bc your butthurt about what others are doing does not give you credibility,” Corbin fired back to the fan.

Corbin received praise for his reply from some on Twitter, but mainly for actually tagging the Doritos brand. You can see the full exchange below, along with Renee Young’s comment on the Doritos tag: