Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush says he may be done with pro wrestling.

Rush, who was released from WWE back on April 15 as a part of the company-wide budget cuts brought on by COVID-19, took to Twitter today and said he might not wrestle again.

“I legitimately might not ever wrestle again,” he wrote.

Rush did not elaborate, but he has been making regular tweets on furthering his hip-hop career. Shortly before the tweet on never wrestling again, he made another tweet that said he’s now available for music features. He can be booked via [email protected] As seen below, Rush recently announced that his debut album, titled “Ever After,” will be released on Monday, May 11.

There’s no word yet on what Rush has planned for his future in pro wrestling, but he would be able to sign with any other promotion after May 15. It was believed that Rush would easily find work on the indies, once the indies open back up from the coronavirus shutdowns.

Stay tuned for updates on Rush’s future. You can see some of his related tweets below: