As noted before at this link, last night's WWE SmackDown on FOX episode opened with a segment where an apparently intoxicated Jeff Hardy crashed his car and injured Elias in a hit-and-run. Elias left in an ambulance while Jeff left under arrest, in a police car. Jeff later returned during the main event to continue his feud with Sheamus, and WWE announced that he had been cleared on charges of public intoxication, driving under the influence, and the hit-and-run, as he had passed all tests from Orlando Police. The segment was somewhat controversial due to Jeff's past, and the fact that he picked up real-life charges of DUI and public intoxication from two separate incidents while he was on the shelf with an injury last year.

Matt Hardy and wife Reby Hardy took to Twitter with comments after the segment aired, and it was speculated that they were referring to WWE's segment with Jeff. Matt made it clear that he is happy to be working for AEW President & CEO Tony Khan, and not WWE. Reby expressed anger at the segment as well.

Matt wrote, "Just to reiterate.. I'm happy to be working at @AEWrestling for @TonyKhan on Wednesdays."

"I'm throwing my TV out," Reby wrote shortly before his tweet.

The fact that they may have been referring to the segment with Jeff apparently went over Khan's head as he responded to Matt's tweet with major praise for the pro wrestling veteran.

"You're one of the greatest pros I've worked with across sports, what a privilege it is to spend Wednesdays with you. Thank you for everything you do for AEW, our fans & staff & your fellow wrestlers weekly, as you not only lead by example but are so generous with your time & mind," Khan wrote back to Hardy, who recently started with the company.

Matt responded and thanked Khan for the opportunity, noting that he will give everyone his absolute best. He also praised Khan for what he's created in AEW.

Matt wrote, "Thanks for those kind words. You've created an amazing, positive, supportive environment that I am SO proud to be a part of. I'll give you, the talent & every @AEWrestling employee my best across the board. Thank you for the opportunity to be that great pro, @TonyKhan. #ImWithAEW"

You can see their full tweets below: