WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has deleted his Twitter account.

Foley is often active on social media, especially Twitter, and there's no word yet on why he deleted the page. Social media can be a tough place for some these days, and it's possible that The Hardcore Legend just needed a break from the constant barrage of bad news and negativity.

Foley's Facebook page is still active and he just posted there a few days ago. He also has an Instagram account at @realmickfoley but he only has three posts there, and hasn't posted since January 2019. The bio on Foley's Instagram does state the following but there's no word on how long the message has been up: "Currently comsidering a return to Instagram."

While Mick is no longer on Twitter, his daughter Noelle Foley revealed yesterday that he just adopted a baby rhino orphan named Jamila.

"My dad just adopted a baby rhino orphan. Let that sink in for a second... Mick Foley, the Hardcore Legend, just adopted a baby rhino orphan. Looks like Jamila is my new baby sister," she wrote, attaching a photo of the new family member.

Noelle also wrote about her dad having issues with wearing COVID-19 masks due to his infamous ear injury from 1994. She thanked Michelle Fishman for helping out.

"For the people who are complaining about wearing masks... be thankful you have two ears to even wear a mask. Some people don't have that luxury... right @RealMickFoley?," Noelle wrote. She continued in the follow-up tweet, "And thank you to @michellefishman for sending mask savers to help my dad with his ear dilemma"

Stay tuned for updates on Foley. Below is a screenshot of his Twitter page as it looks now, along with Noelle's full tweets: