Veteran WWE Superstar Mickie James has called out new RAW Women's Champion Asuka.

Asuka posted a tweet this week and seemed to challenge any potential contenders. She wrote, "Calling out around the world, Are you ready for a brand new beat?"

Mickie responded this afternoon and said she's never been handed anything in WWE, and would be happy to come take the title from Asuka.

Mickie wrote, "Come to think of it @WWEAsuka I've NEVER been handed anything in @WWE before, especially a [trophy emoji] #WWE Championship... EVER! [four leaf clover emoji] [smiling face with horns emoji] I'd be happy to come OVER & rightfully TAKE it from you. This time you wouldn't be so lucky. I got your beat, raise you a sweet solo, now let's duet! [winking face with tongue emoji] [kiss emoji]"

Asuka has not responded to Mickie as of this writing.

Mickie has been out of action since undergoing knee surgery in July of last year. She did some commentary on WWE Main Event while away from the ring, but there's no word on when she will be back in action. WWE currently has her listed on the SmackDown roster.

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