Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez Arena in Tijuana Mexico. Enjoy the show!

Show opens with Injustice cutting a promo revealing that they've been together for nearly a year. Reed says that 12-months ago no one cared about them...now they are on the brink of signing new contracts. "Put some respect on Injustice's name...we are the best group doing this sh*t." Segment ends.

Fusion intro.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to week 4 of MLW's Super Series against AAA. They hype the evening's main event...a six-man tag bout for the AAA trios championship. They also tell us that Davey Boy Smith Jr. has signed up for a world title matchup against Jacob Fatu. When that will happen remains to be seen.

AAA's Rayo Star, Black Destiny, and Fantastick make their way out for our opening contest. They'll be facing...Mocho Cota Jr, Tito Santana, and Carta Brava Jr.

Black Destiny/Fantastick/Rayo Star versus Mocho Cota Jr./Tito Santana/Carta Brava Jr.

All six men begin in the ring. Stereo frankensteiners and tope con hilos from Star, Destiny, and Fantastick. Elevated arm-drag from Rayo Star but he gets nailed by a dropkick from Santana. Commentary reminds us that lucha-libre tag rules allow zero tags. Spinebuster into a catapult chair shot. Santana, Brava Jr, and Cota Jr. toss Destiny into the front row! Short commercial break. Upon returning the heels still have the advantage...Fantastick is kicking out of a pin attempt from Carta Brava. Crucifix powerbomb onto Fantastick but Destiny breaks up the pin, then nails an ace-crusher. Santana gets set up in the guard rail allowign Destiny to connect with a tope suicido. Back in the ring...Santana, Cota, and Brava target Destiny...triple-team maneuver ending in a frog-splash. That'll do it.

Mocho Cota Jr./Tito Santana/Carta Brava Jr. win by pinfall

A recap of Savio Vega's ongoing feud with the Dynasty faction. Commentary reminds us that Richard Holliday stole Vega's Caribbean championship after defeating him in singles-action last year on Fusion. Cut to Holliday hanging out with Alexander Hammerstone. They are at Vega's childhood home where Holliday reveals that he bought the house and will be turning it into an Air BnB. They joke about vacationing in Puerto Rico before returning to their high-class resort.

Promotion for MLW Anthology.

Video of Injustice's attack on Brian Pillman Jr. from last week. Cut to Pillman who calls out Jordan Oliver, and challenges him to a hair versus hair match.

LA Park hosts yet another episode of his hit cooking show, along with his two sons. They direct this episode to Psycho Clown, whom they will be facing in next week's main event. Park says today they are making a Mexican Pork Dish, then shows off the instructions so everyone at home can join along. All three men wear LA Park cooking aprons. Park discusses how Pagano is coming to MLW...his son (El hijo) doesn't understand why the promotion keeps signing these "clowns." Park tells Pagano not to embarrass lucha-libre in the United States, because he has worked very hard to elevate its status. "No one handed us anything." Park later addresses Psycho Clown: "I want you to come to MLW to represent...and so I can kick your ass." The segment ends with Park issuing a warning to all of the MLW talent.

Commentary tells us that MLW is leading the Super Series over AAA 4-2, with only two matches left, including tonight's headlining trios title match.

Promo from Davey Boy Smith Jr. He says it feels great to be back in Mexico, and is pumped for the return of the Hart Foundation. He calls out heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu, asking where he's been. "I do this for my family...I do this for my fans. Fatu mark my words...when I meet you in the ring and hit you with that running bodyslam...even if you kick out...I'll lock you in the crippler crossface. When that happens you have two choices...you either tap out...or pass out."

Mance Warner berates Richard Holliday for purchasing Savio Vega's home. He then addresses Alexander Hammerstone. He jabs at him for possibly taking steroids. "It don't matter how big you are...because at the end of the day I can take a baseball bat and try and watch you get back up. You got blonde hair right? That's gonna look real nice when I bloody you all up. Somewhere you and I are going to step into the ring together...and I'm going to whoop that ass. That's my gold. Ole Mancer's got heart. I bleed for this sh*t." He ends by saying he will take the National Openweight title from him.

Commentary tells us that Team Filthy has filed a lawsuit against Low Ki for his sneak attack that led to the cancellation to their press conference two weeks ago. They later tell us that Psycho Clown has recruited Psychosis as his tag partner to face LA Park.

Main event time. The tale of the tape is shown between team Injustice and the AAA Trios champions, Inetes Del Aire. Injustice (Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, Kotto Brazil) makes their way out to the ring first. Inetes Del Aire (Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr. Octagon Jr.) is second. Here we go.

Injustice versus Inetes Del Aire for the AAA Trios Championship

Octoagon rocks Brazil with a superkick. The remaining members fire back leaving Reed and Vikingo to have a staredown. Vikingo walks the ropes and frankensteiners Reed but he handsprings out and lands on his feet. Reed goes for a headscissor of his own...Vikingo is the one who shows off his athleticism with a fancy escape. He dumps Reed...Oliver attacks from behind. Oliver and Myzteziz Jr. and Oliver go at it...Oliver flips him off...Myzteziz takes him down with a corkscrew crossbody. Brazil and Octagon are the next two to be featured. They trade frankensteiners....Octagon removes his shirt to the delight of the fans. Huge kick to Brazil's face, followed by a springboard arm-drag from Octagon. The champs trap Oliver in the corner and light up his chest with chops. They run a train of corner attacks onto him ending with a running dropkick. Brazil always steals the win for his team after Myzteziz misses a 450 splash but Vikingo breaks up the pin. Reed takes out Octagon with an ace-crusher from the apron. Triple submission applied to Myzteziz...Brian Pillman Jr. interrupts. He spits beer in Brazil's face...Octagon and Myzteziz nail Oliver and Reed with superkicks. Brazil tries to use a chair but Pillman pulls it away. This leads to Vikingo to hit his running meteora and reverse shooting star. The champs retain.

Inetes Del Aire win by pinfall to retain the AAA Trios Championship

This brings the Super Series score to 4-3...still in favor of MLW. A reminder that team Psycho Clown takes on Los Parks in next week's main event. Meanwhile Injustice is irate that they were screwed over by Brian Pillman Jr. Inetes Del Aire celebrate.

That's the show friends.