Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez Arena in Tijuana Mexico. Enjoy the show!

Show opens with Psycho Clown hyping up the evening's tag team main event. Clown says he looks forward to exposing the "portly" LA Park for the fraud that he is, and putting the rest of the MLW locker room on notice in front of his home country of Mexico.

Fusion intro.

Roch Bocchini and AJ Kirsch officially welcome us to Fusion, and MLW's final week of the Super Series tournament. They tell us that Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Mance Warner will be addressing MLW fans tonight to find out what's in store for their future.

Promo from LA Park, along with his son El Hijo la Park. They say they plan on becoming MLW's next tag team champions.

Cut to an interview with Alicia Atout and Konnan. Konnan says he's happy about the MLW vs. AAA alliance, and looks forward to the two promotions working together again. "The ball is in your court now MLW."

Commentary tells us that Team Filthy manager Dan Lambert has filed a lawsuit against Low Ki for his attack at the faction's press conference a couple weeks ago. They later promote MLW Anthology, which will feature never before seen footage from the promotion's long history.

A special look at AAA's Pagano, who says he will be leaving his home in Juarez to take on more dates in MLW.

Another edition of Dynasty's show. Richard Holliday and Gino Medina are in the woods...Medina tells Holliday to be on the lookout for Meth Gators, which are alligators that do meth. They realize that Hammerstone is not with them...he is shown to be off in the distance exploring the area and chasing raccoons. Hammerstone jokes that Holliday never lets him keep any raccoons.

Mance Warner cuts a promo. He says he plans on climbing the corporate ladder in MLW and capturing all the gold. He then issues a challenge to the Dynasty, and says that he will be teaming with Savio Vega to take back the Caribbean championship. Warner says the bout will be a triple tower of doom, which he explains the rules for. The bout will include ladders, barbed wire, light-tubes, and cages. At the very top will be Hammerstone's National Openweight championship and the Caribbean title.

Recap of the first four weeks of the MLW/AAA Super Series. The current score has MLW leading 4-3, although last week's main event saw AAA retain in the only title match.

Main event time. Nino De Hamburguesa is out first, followed by Psicosis and Psycho Clown. LA Park is out next along with his sons. Fans are excited. Here we go.

Nino De Hamburguesa/Psicosis/Psycho Clown versus Los Parks

All six men begin in the ring...a brawl ensues. Park chokes down Clown in the corner with his boot. His sons go at it with Psicosis and Hamburguesa. Fight spills to the outside...Park sends Clown into the barricade, then takes him into the crowd and whips him into some nearby chairs. The Park brothers introduce chairs into the ring and spike one into Hamburgesa's groin. They go to the other side and reciprocate the spot with Psicosis. Park throws a bar table into the ring. They use it as a weapon and nail Psicosis off the head. Clown tries to help his partners but Park rocks him with the table. Three on one attack onto Hamburguesa...he break free and hits a shoulder tackle. Clown takes advantage and sends Park into the first row. He pulls apart the guardrail as fans spread out to give them room. Park tries to recover on the outside while his sons receive a beating inside the ring. Hamburguesa crushes all of the Parks with a huge body splash! Cover...only two. The Parks get trapped in the corner...Psicosis hits the Bronco Buster on them...Hamburguesa follows with a cannonball. Triple pin...they all kick out.

Los Parks retake control. Park goes to pick up Clown but he creates separation with a combination of kicks. Spinning heel kick from Clown takes Park off his feet. Park fires back with a headbutt sending Clown back to the mat. Running meteora but Psicosis breaks up the pin by slapping Park with his belt. Park's sons take Clown and Hamburgeusa to the outside...Park and Psicosis charge each other...HUGE SPEAR. That'll do it.

Los Parks win by pinfall

Commentary tells us that with that victory MLW wins the Super Series 5-3. They thank AAA and the fans of Mexico for hosting this round, and assure that the two promotions will battle it out once again.

Backstage Davey Boy Smith Jr. has been laid out on the staircase, and bloodied up. A Contra flag lays across his body. Josef Samael interrupts the feed and says that the war he's been promised on MLW has finally arrived. He says that Contra soldiers are rising up all over the world. "The rise of Major League Wrestling is over. If you try to rise up...our soldiers will be waiting and our response will be violent. This will be painful. The darkness will take hold."

That's the show friends.