- Above and below are new "Green Machine" home workout videos from WWE NXT Superstar Chelsea Green. Below is video of Green showing off her "booty activation" exercises to add to your leg day warm-up, and above are more exercises for your leg day at-home routine.

- WWE stock was up 0.50% today, closing at $44.00 per share after opening at $43.13. Today's high was $44.91 and the low was $43.03.

- The WWE India Twitter account issued a tweet today to poll fans on who would win in a battle of former 3MB partners - WWE Champion Drew McIntyre or Jinder Mahal, who recently returned to action. McIntyre has not responded to the tweet as of this writing, but The Modern Day Maharaja has strong words for his former bandmate.

"A dream match for many, a nightmare for one. #BusinessIsBusiness," Jinder wrote.

Mahal and McIntyre are good friends outside of the ring, but it will be interesting to see if he receives a shot at getting the WWE Title back now that his former partner is the champ. You can see the full exchange below: