Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

NWA President Billy Corgan opens the show by wishing all wrestling fans well during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He teases a special announcement following today’s Powerrr, then tells us to enjoy today’s broadcast.

Super Powerrr song intro.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett officially welcome us to the show. They hype the evening’s card, which includes action from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, Tim Storm, and Kamille’s in-ring debut.

Over to the interview table…Dave Marquez brings out Marty Scurll and Brody King. Scurll says that he brought King with him to the NWA so he wasn’t alone to face Nick Aldis and Strictly Business. King jumps in and reminds fans that he and PCO were the first NWA tag team champions of the modern era, then predicts that Scurll will be the one to take the gold off of Nick Aldis.

Flashback to Melina challenging Thunder Rosa for the women’s title. The match never began because of Allysin Kay’s attack on Melina, but Kay would be speared by Kamille, who came out of nowhere to stare down Rosa.

Season one of NWA Powerrr is now available on DVD.

The NWA revisits the ongoing friction between announcer Joe Galli and Kamille. Galli has been attempting to get Kamille to speak since the season premiere of Powerrr, but to no avail.

Back to the arena. Madi Maxx is in the ring. She’ll be taking on Kamille…in what will be her debut match.

Kamille versus Madi Maxx

Kamille drives Maxx into the corner and begins stomping her down. Referee tries to pull her back but Kamille continues to lay into Maxx, then picks her up and rag-dolls her across the ring. Charging body splash and Maxx is in trouble…huge powerslam by Kamille. Maxx lands a few rights hands…she goes for a sunset flip…Kamille blocks it and takes her out with a leg lariat. Kamille puts Maxx on the top turnbuckle…Maxx tries a crossbody but Kamille catches her…rolling senton. She’s in the corner….spear. That’ll do it.

Kamille wins by pinfall

As Kamille goes to leave…Galli cuts her off. He says that Thomas Latimer promised that she’d speak. Kamille hesitates, then backs Galli up with an intimidating stare before walking away.

Cut to a pre-taped vignette/interview from Kamille. She speaks for the first time. “When I was a kid I just wanted to have fun. I wasn’t striving to be great…I just was, but then I learned something the hard way…people don’t like you when your gifted. In fact…they turn against you. ” Kamille shares a story about being a dominant softball player, to the point where opposing team’s parents would complain about her dominance. “Ever since I was little…I was hated…HATED…for my power and my strength. So respect for authority, respect for anyone…I don’t have that. Any single sport I’ve ever played or ever tried I’ve dominated at.” Highlights of Kamille competing in all these sports are spliced throughout. Kamille recalls when Nick Aldis called her up as an insurance policy during the Cody Rhodes NWA championship rematch. She says that she’s been the common denominator in Aldis’ success. “I don’t need to speak… i let my actions speak for me.” Kamille turns her attention to the women’s division, calling out current champion Thunder Rosa specifically. “I’m here to end all of you.”

Commercial featuring Dr. Austin Idol.

A replay of Trevor Murdoch defeating The Question Mark on an episode of Powerrr. Immediately after NWA National champion Aron Stevens attacked Murdoch and knocked him out with a series of elbow shots. Stevens and Question Mark would then butt heads with The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express.

Back to live action…Sean Mooney brings out The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. Ricky Morton puts over how important the Crockett Cup is for professional wrestling, and says that they feel that even at their age…they are the best tag team in the world. They enter the ring for their following tag bout against Aron Stevens and Question Mark.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express versus Aron Stevens/Question Mark

Morton and Question Mark begin. Wristlock from Question Mark. He brings Morton down and tags in Stevens. Morton gains the advantage over Stevens. Stevens yells at the ref claiming that Morton moved illegally. Question Mark back in. He drops Morton with a chop. Stevens jumps in but Morton was playing possum…arm-drag into his corner. Gibson and Morton take turns punching Stevens in the face. Stevens is dazed but he thumbs Morton in the eye and begins talking trash. Trevor Murdoch has appeared in street clothes. He stares Stevens down. Stevens grabs a microphone and introduces Question Mark Jr. as an insurance policy. A big man comes out, Stevens reveals he weighs in at 450 LBS. Back to the match…Stevens chokes Morton on the ring ropes. While the referee is distracted Question Mark Jr. lands a shot. Murdoch chases Jr, who collapses due to being out of shape. Rock ‘N’ Roll Express take advantage of the mayhem on the outside…Morton pins Stevens!

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express win by pinfall

Flashback to Zicky Dice defeating Ricky Starks to become the new NWA Television champion. Cut to Dice’s promo afterwards. He gloats saying he warned fans that this is what was going to happen before licking the title.

Recap of the dissension between Melina and Thunder Rosa. Melina believes that Rosa’s success came from her guidance, leading to a situation where Melina booked herself in a women’s title match. When the bout went down Melina demanded that Rosa lay down…an order she did not oblige. As noted earlier…Kay would come out to attack Melina, but would get run down by Kamille.

Melina comes to the interview desk. “I am a living legend, why wouldn’t I get an opportunity for the NWA championship? There’s a reason why I’ve lasted this long in this business, and that’s because I’m smart. I’m game for having a fair and just fight.” Melina screams at Allysin Kay for botching both of her title opportunities. This brings Kay out, who comes to the interview desk. “Thunder Rosa beat me at Hard Times fair and square. I have never made excuses for that, but during our rematch Melina and Marti Belle caused too many distractions.” Kay says she’s rather get her hands on Melina then the title right now. “You…you’re a coward.” Thunder Rosa is out next to a loud pop. She says no matter who her next opponent is…she knows she’s going to run through them. Rosa tells Kay that Belle and Melina’s distractions had no effect on their match. She then addresses Melina…telling her that she won’t lay down for anybody. “I just want to make this clear,” says Rosa. “I am the best woman on this roster.” Rosa challenges both woman to a triple-threat. This ends the segment.

A look back at Tim Storm’s feud with Danny Deals. Deals had been playing Storm’s mother in a mocking an insulting manner. When Storm approached Deals, he revealed that he represents Jax Dane, whom Storm won the NWA world championship from a few years ago.

Back to the arena…Jax Dane is out first. Tim Storm is out second. They brawl right at the start. Galli announces this as a no-DQ match.

Jax Dane versus Tim Storm NO DQ

Dane batters Storm on the outside before throwing him into the ring. Overhead belly-to-belly by Dane. Fight spills back to the outside. Storm whips Dane into the steel steps. Both men lay into each other with stiff shots as they travel up into the crowd. Dane smashes Storm’s head off the NWA set. Dane levels Storm, which nearly causes him to fall down the stairs. Storm manages to grab Dane and send him head first into the Crockett Cup. They continue to brawl by the announcer’s table. Huge overhand chop from Dane…Storm gives him one back…back and forth chops…Dane sends Storm flying with another suplex onto the studio floor. Back in the ring…Dane grabs a chair and places it in the corner. He goes for an Irish whip but Storm reverses it…Dane stops before he hits the chair…Storm levels him with a boot. Dane pops right back up and connects with a samoan drop. Dane charges Storm…he moves and collides with the chair…Storm with the Perfect Storm…. It’s over.

Tim Storm wins by pinfall

Commentary tells us that Tim Storm now gets 5 minutes in the ring with Danny Deals. Deals tries to leave but the referee forces him back inside. Deals take his sweet time, he reveals that he has his Mama Storm costume, which he puts on. Storm allows him to do it, but then takes off the wig. Deals goes for a handshake, but pulls him and for the Perfect Storm. Deals is out cold. Fans chant one more time. Storm picks Deals up….and hits a second one. Huge pop.

Marti Belle is out to the ring next for women’s division action. She’ll be facing Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox in a triple-threat.

Tasha Steelz versus Mari Belle versus Ashley Vox

Vox tries to strike up a friendship with Belle to team up on Steelz. Steelz alos offers her hand but Belle denies them both. Vox grabs Steelz in a headlock…Steelz breaks free and runs through Vox with a shoulder block. Belle breaks up a pin attempt and throws Vox into the turnbuckles. Belle traps Steelz in the corner and stomps her down. She hits running hip thrusts to both opponents in opposing corners. Suplex from Belle…she rolls over for the three amigos…Vox blocks the last one but then collapses from the earlier damage. Belle continues her dominance on Steelz with a Russian leg-sweep. Vox finally lands some offense by hitting Belle with a headbutt. Belle comes back and nails a discuss forearm for a nearfall. Belle gets dumped and Vox applies a submission onto Steelz…Steelz is about to win but Belle breaks up the hold…Steelz takes advantage with a codebreaker on Belle. That gets her the win.

Tasha Steelz wins by pinfall

A look at the feud between Eddie Kingston and Pope is played. Kingston recruited the NWA tag champions Eli Drake and James Storm to help him fight off ROH’s Bouncers.

Dave Marquez brings out Eddie Kingston, James Storm, and Eli Drake to the interview table. Marquez asks how this alliance came together. Kingston says he has a long history with Storm and Drake over at other companies. “There’s not a lot of trust in this wrestling business, but when you know other guys who just wanna fight…you go and get them.” He calls the NWA tag titles the most prestigious tag titles in this industry today. Kingston says he now needs to refocus on Pope, and lets Marquez talk to Storm and Drake. Storm says he always wants to make sure that the NWA fans enjoy themselves when they come to a show. “I have been doing this sh** for 22 years. We love professional wrestling…we love entertaining people all over the world.” Eli Drake jumps in. Drake points out the Crockett Cup and says that’s what it’s all about. Drake then challenges any tag team from any company in the world to step up and try and take the tag titles from them.

Marty Scurll and Nick Aldis’ feud is highlighted in the next segment. The two were set to face off at the Crockett Cup for the NWA world championship prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Main event time. Nick Aldis and Thomas Latimer are out first representing Strictly Business. Marty Scurll and Brody King are out second. Here we go.

Villain Enterprises versus Strictly Business

Scurll and Aldis start. They are about to tie up but Aldis plays mind games and brings in Latimer causing the NWA fans to scream coward. Scurll brings in King. Latimer and King go at it. King traps Latimer in the corner and goes for a chop…Latimer ducks and slows King down with a headlock. They bump each other but neither move. Latimer connects with a dropkick…King bounces off the ropes and runs through Latimer taking him off his feet. King rips off Latimer’s shirt and lays into his chest with chops. Aldis knees King from the apron…King punches him off. Latimer goes to hit the ropes but Scurll knees him from the apron. Referee demands that no more knees be thrown…Scurll pretends he got hit by Aldis to get inside his head. Fans love the spot. King back inside…he continues to light up Latimer with chops. Scurll tags in and drops Latimer with an arm-ringer. Latimer rolls to the outside…Scurll goes to the apron and superkicks Latimer. Aldis jumps in and pushes Scurll to the floor giving Latimer the opportunity to toss Scurll into the ring post.

Back in the ring Aldis finally tags in. He levels Scurll with a big right hand, then rakes his face off the top rope. Tandem offense by Strictly Business…cover…only two. Latimer wears Scurll down with a headlock. Scurll tries to break free but Latimer hits a big knee to the gut. Scurll with an impressive show of strength by suplexing Latimer. Scurll makes the hot tag to King…he nails Aldis and Latimer with corner lariats, then takes them both out with a splash. Double-team to Latimer. Sunset flip/German suplex combo. Aldis tries to sneak up on King, but King catches him with a piledriver. Aldis and Scurll are left in the ring…Scurll superkicks his leg and calls for the Chicken-Wing…Kamille distracts the referee as does Royce Isaacs. This allows Latimer to hit Brody King with a low-blow. Aldis lands a flying elbow drop to pick up the win.

Strictly Business wins by pinfall

That ends Super Powerrr.

Billy Corgan says that it is difficult to put on professional wrestling due to the ongoing circumstances, but he wishes to give fans more weekly content. He announces Carnyland… a new program that begins next week.

That’s the show friends.