ODB Talks Having One More Run And Being Open To Reunion With Eric Young

Former TNA Knockouts champion ODB is hard at work serving up BBQ from her Meat & Greet food truck. But as seen by her string of appearances last year for AEW, NWA and Impact Wrestling, the fun-loving personality hasn't permanently hung up the boots.

"I wouldn't mind another little run," said the 41-year-old. "It would be pretty bad ass for me to arrive in my food truck. That would actually be pretty good. AEW, I really like and the NWA, and obviously TNA will always be my home. I had a good time at NWA. All the guys I grew up with and worked with. That was a good time. It's not like I have to wrestle every week. You get a little sore this time around than I have in the past."

ODB is impressed with the landscape of women's wrestling. She particularly enjoyed working at Impact against the likes of Jordynne Grace and Taya Valkyrie.

"They can go. They are saying, 'You should go up there and do this flip.' I'm like, 'When have you ever seen me go on the top rope?' Let's not do something I haven't done in 20 years," she said. "They're just fearless. These girls can go. They're probably 15 years younger than me. They all put on a great show. I wouldn't mind getting back in the ring.

"TNA built a great Knockouts division when we started in '07. I think all the girls have been keeping it going, and they're proud of it. That's what I love to see when I go back. I love that all the girls are excited to be there. They're family and all good girlfriends.I still talk to all the girls I worked with. They stick together and that's cool. Nobody gets mad or jealous of each other. They are there for each other. That's what I love to see the Knockouts division keep going like that."

ODB's match at Impact's "Hard to Kill" pay-per-view was memorable not only for having a big match against Valkyrie and Grace. The action caused a wardrobe malfunction for the star.

"I didn't really notice because I can't see past my boobs. I'm laying down, Jordynne pins me. I'm looking down and notice oh sh–. My zipper broke," she recalled. "I wore that little jumper. I get back in the locker room. Tommy Dreamer is just laughing. He goes, 'Only you would keep going. You didn't miss a beat even though your outfit was half down.' I really didn't."

The same event saw history made with Tessa Blanchard becoming the first woman to take home the Impact heavyweight championship. She was happy for the third-generation competitor.

"It's different, but she can go. She can really hang with the boys," she said. "I think it's cool that she made history. Where do you go from there though? They were doing good with the whole storyline, She is a tough girl. I think she can handle it. It would have to be the right girl to be in that position. I think she is the right girl to be in that position. She can handle a lot of stuff with her name being brought up a lot. She is a tough cookie and can handle her own and doesn't take sh– from no one. I respect that about her."

ODB also wouldn't mind reigniting an old onscreen flame in Eric Young. The two married on Impact, as well as won the Knockouts tag team titles. With Young recently released from WWE, there are a wealth of possibilities.

"He is so talented. He can be funny. He can be serious. He can go with the rest of them," she said. "He really hasn't had that big break. I'm hoping when things get back up and running, I'd love to see him in AEW because I think AEW would let him do his thing. Then Eric can do his thing and whatever character he wanted to do because he is such a good talent. He is like a Colt Cabana. They are very entertaining, but they can freakin' go. I'd love to see EY in AEW and maybe a reunion with the both of us."

Someone please make this happen.

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