WWE SmackDown Superstar Otis recently spoke with Digital Spy to promote Sunday's WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view. Otis is set to compete in the Men's MITB Ladder Match with Daniel Bryan, King Baron Corbin, AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black.

Otis revealed the first time he tried The Caterpillar move - in Elementary School. He recalled how the move originated after e couldn't find a girl to dance with at a school event.

"It was at a dance party at Elementary School. No girls would dance with me so I had to get the crowd over with my moves," Otis recalled. "I started shaking my hips and getting going and I waited till everybody was watching you know, it was a big circle dance, everybody's looking in there and checking you out. And that's when I dropped. Bam! It's a little bit stiffer on the floor than in the ring. And I got love from doing that move, so I just kept doing it. So now every wedding I get sore ribs the day after."

Otis eventually brought the move to the ring during his first match, after being coached by WWE Performance Center Coach Scotty 2 Hotty, who was known for doing The Worm in the ring.

"I told (Scotty) this move means a lot to me and I know you're the king of The Worm but I want to continue this and we'll call it The Caterpillar," Otis said.

The character we see on WWE TV is very much who Otis is in real life, just with the volume cranked up to 10. He commented on the character Otis.

"As we say in WWE, it's only you turned up to 10, so everything we do, like me talking to girls and being shy is a real thing," Otis added.