Thursday would have marked the 55th birthday of WWE Legend Owen Hart. Hart was born on May 7, 1965 and passed away on May 23, 1999 after a tragic accident at the WWE Over the Edge pay-per-view.

Vice's "Dark Side of the Ring" series will tell Owen's story for their season two finale, which airs on Tuesday, May 19 at 10pm ET. The official Twitter account for The Owen Hart Foundation, which is ran by Owen's widow, Dr. Martha Hart, tweeted to promote the show this week and revealed that the episode will feature never-before-seen footage.

It was also noted that the Vice episode has the full support of Dr. Hart and the Foundation.

"2 Weeks & Counting! With the full support of Dr. Hart & the OHF Vice-Media's Dark Side of the Ring is releasing tragic story of Owen Hart's final days with never-before-seen footage. Show airs Tues. May 19th on USA's Vice on TV & Crave TV in Canada at 10pm ET & 10pm PT. Do watch!," the account wrote.

The Owen Hart Foundation website notes that the Vice crew flew to Calgary last year to film OHF members Dr. Hart, Virginia Xavier, Tammi Christopher, and Owen's daughter Athena Hart for the special. They then interviewed Martha and Owens' son Oje Hart in Toronto. The website also has photos from the filming.

On a related note, one fan in the replies asked about the Foundation using a painting of Owen for the logo. The Foundation responded, "This is a painting of a real picture of Owen that we loved, which is why it's our OHF Trademark."

Dr. Hart is currently promoting the OHF May Long-Weekend Sylvan Lake Food Bank Drive to benefit the main Food Bank in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada. As seen in the tweet below, Martha is encouraging fans to donate supplies to the drive on Monday, May 18. The OHF also noted on Twitter that Dr. Hart is working closely with officials from one of their partners, Momentum, to help ease the financial burden brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Details on their work can also be seen below in a tweet. The Foundation held their 2020 Easter Food Drive for The Calgary Food Bank a few weeks back and had such strong response that they plan to do it every year now, according to the website. The Easter Food Drive was done to benefit those most affected by COVID-19, in the area and elsewhere. You can see Facebook video of Martha after their cars were filled with supplies.

The "OWEN" feature documentary is still being worked on as well. The Foundation told a fan on Twitter that the film is "still a work in progress" and the official page for the movie noted on April 7 that things were moving forward.

"Very pleased to announce things are moving forward with the #OwenHart film. A lot has been happening behind the scenes and hopefully it will be full steam ahead later this year once it's safe to do so in these unreal times. Stay safe everybody," the page for the movie wrote in April.

Martha endorsed the movie in October 2018, something she's never done for WWE projects, and has been adamant about staying firm on that decision. The website for the film notes that it is a feature length documentary planned for a cinema release. Breakneck Films out of the UK is producing the project and Western Edge Pictures is co-producing. Kaleidoscope Film Distribution is the distributor. The film website lists Vaughan Sivell as the producer, Lee Brazier as the executive producer, Jo Lewis as the writer/director, and Keaton Stone as the other producer.

Stay tuned for updates on the "Dark Side of the Ring" episode on Owen, and the documentary about his life. You can see the related tweets below, along with the food drive video of Martha and Oje: