There have been a lot of rumors and speculation on Rey Mysterio's WWE status, but word now is that he's still with the company.

It was noted on Twitter today by Dave Meltzer that Rey "isn't going anywhere" for the time being.

Furloughed WWE Producer Lance Storm responded to Meltzer's tweet and brought the comedy.

Storm wrote, "Because he has a long contract or because he died after being thrown off a building last night? [thinking face emoji]"

Storm's tweet is a reference to how WWE made it seem like King Baron Corbin tossed Rey and Aleister Black off the roof of WWE HQ during last night's Money In the Bank main event. Some speculated that this was WWE's way to write Rey off TV and out of the company, but that reportedly was not the case.

Furthermore, AEW announcer Jim Ross stated during a recent Patreon edition of his "Grilling JR" podcast that he thinks Rey recently signed a new WWE contract.

Ross made the comments when asked by co-host Conrad Thompson why Tajiri didn't get a bigger push when he was with WWE full-time. Ross said with the exception of Mysterio, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn't take cruiserweights like Tajiri seriously.

"He just wasn't big enough, he was a cruiserweight. Vince never saw big money in cruiserweights," JR said. He continued, "Rey is a different breed of cat. He's a different cruiserweight. He had that moveset that was absolutely amazing. He was new, he was fresh, he had a great look. The mask is a big deal for him but Rey Mysterio was a legitimate star long before [WWE]. He just got better and better.

"I think he signed a new contract again with WWE, which is good at this stage of the game. He was a little different breed of cat. You can't compare Rey Mysterio to all of the other cruiserweights because he was that much better and on a different level in my estimation." (H/T to WrestlingNews and AdFreeShows)

It will be interesting to see how WWE follows up on last night's big MITB bump by Mysterio and Black. Stay tuned for updates on Rey's status and remember to join us for live RAW coverage at 8pm ET.