Ric Flair On Who Charlotte's Greatest Opponent Has Been

Ric Flair has previously gone on record and said that Charlotte "already is the greatest." But Flair also sees something as his daughter's biggest enemy and he discussed that when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"The only enemy that she would have in the business is her greatness. Because from the day she came up ? and this isn't just my opinion ? first it was her and Sasha and Paige. But not only has she been on top, she has been arguably in the best match of every calendar year," said Flair. "Whether it be Asuka at WrestleMania, Sasha in Hell in a Cell, or her and Bayley or her in NXT? it's not a question of how good the match will be, it's will it be the best of the night?"

Flair said that while the Boneyard Match was the most entertaining match at WrestleMania, Charlotte vs. Rhea Ripley was the best on the card.

"I feel like she has become so incredibly good and a master at her craft that she can take Rhea ? who is phenomenal ? and go out there and have the best match again," stated Flair who then talked about how safe Charlotte is while performing.

"No injuries, nothing, for almost six years. No. 1 ? thank God for good health. No. 2 ? she wakes up everyday wanting to be better and questioning herself to the point it drives me crazy [laughs]. God forbid if I have the answers [laughs]? Her worst enemy is her greatness as they're gonna find a way to use her every shape and form now that Becky is gone."

Charlotte has feuded with every notable female talent on the roster and Flair was asked who he thinks is her greatest opponent.

"Snoop Dogg and I were talking the other day and I have to still go with Sasha. When I see Sasha, I call her Ricky Steamboat," revealed Flair. "I go, 'How you doing Ricky?' They have this unbelievable chemistry. The only argument between the two of them is who's gonna be the bad guy because they both like that role. Whichever way they do it, they make incredible music and have incredible matches. I could watch them wrestle for 30-40 minutes without taking a deep breath.

"By the time she's done, she'll have 3-4 people like with me and Dusty, Sting, Harley Race and Ricky Steamboat. What I keep telling her is that she's being measured against greatness every time. She's held in that regard and esteem. She looks at it as, 'I'm just gonna go out there and have the best match.'"

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