Richard Holliday has signed a new multi-year deal with MLW.

"Anytime you're making a decision for your future, all aspects in regards to it must be considered," said Holliday. "MLW checked all of the boxes in terms of opportunity, presentation, creative process, and upwards mobility. Other offers were presented, and of course taken into consideration, but remaining with MLW felt like the best decision for me."

Holliday first signed with MLW in 2018. He went on to win the World Tag Team Championship and most recently claiming the Caribbean Heavyweight title in January of this year.

"Richard has become a staple of MLW and its telecasts, helping to lead the charge in representing the league as a world class homegrown athlete," said MLW CEO Court Bauer. "He is a dynastic competitor with qualities you seldom find. MLW is ecstatic to continue to feature Richard Holliday for years to come."

Trained by Paul Roma in Connecticut, Holliday turned pro in 2015.