Former WWE Superstar Rusev went live on his new Twitch channel for the first time today. The quick stream included some gameplay and chatting with fans.

Rusev also answered some fan questions on Twitter today to promote the new Twitch channel. These were the most comments he's made since being released from his WWE contract back on April 15 as a part of the company-wide cuts brought on by COVID-19.

Lana did not appear on today's brief stream but one fan asked if she would be appearing and Rusev responded by telling the fan to ask WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Current and former WWE Superstars often appear on social media streams together, so it seems like there would be no issue with Lana appearing on one of Rusev's streams.

One fan wrote to Rusev and said, "I like to say thank you for all the great memories and matches in wwe you where one of my favourites. I hope whatever you do next will make you happy I hope its not too long before your back in the ring again all the best."

Rusev said he's just getting started. He wrote, "I ain't dead , my man. I'm just starting"

Another fan responded to that reply from Rusev and wrote, "The WWE universe is like a Buble dude... You can get over outside but it's not the same level of mainstream attention... Even dudes that have been working out of the E for decades, are still 'WWE superstars' to mainstream media... NBA games are prime example."

Rusev dismissed the idea and wrote back with, "This is like saying Arnold is just a bodybuilder and everybody knows him for lifting weights"

Rusev apparently expressed his negative opinion of creative writers when responding to another fan. The fan said Rusev "just needs a better gimmick" and they're "excited to see him outside the micromanaging thumb of the WWE."

Rusev responded, "You must be a writer"

Rusev recently changed his social media names to his real name, Miro (for Miroslav), but it looks like he won't be using "The Bulgarian Brute" as his nickname on the indies.

"That's a WWE name i can't and won't use," he responded to one fan who called him "The Bulgarian Brute" in a tweet.

Another fan asked Rusev what he hopes to do in the future now that he's been released from WWE.

"Stay true to God and live my best life," the former WWE United States Champion wrote back.

Stay tuned for updates on Rusev's post-WWE future. You can see the related tweets below: