Seth Rollins On This Week's WWE RAW Having A Live Crowd, "Monday Night Messiah" Gimmick

Seth Rollins joined this week's WWE Backstage to talk about his "Monday Night Messiah" gimmick, along with how it felt to have some kind of a live crowd at this week's RAW.

Rollins teased on the show there is someone close to him that he'd like to join his group, alongside Murphy and Austin Theory, but didn't give any other hints about who it was. In regards to his gimmick, Rollins says he feels like things are really clicking lately with how things are going lately.

"I don't know when it happened, I don't know what the moment is, I don't know if it's been this quarantine and the way we've produced these wrestling shows," Rollins began. "For some reason, I've been so in tune with this character, especially these last few months. I just feel like I'm clicking on all cylinders. Once you feel it, you're there and everything just comes to you so easily. Every promo, every match, every piece of character work when you're out there. It's the weirdest thing, but once I hit that stride I'm just riding, man, it's like a 'runner's high.'"

Rollins then talked about the transition going from no live audience to getting some people back in the crowd on this past Monday's RAW. WWE brought in NXT and WWE Performance Center talent to react to the action in the ring.

"I've actually gotten into a grove doing the promos with nobody in the crowd," Rollins said. "I think from an audience perspective it allows the words to sink in a little bit more when there's not an audience around. When they are out there listening, they are going to kind of take the promo where they want to, sometimes. They don't listen to every word that you are saying. You don't get to tell the story that you fully want to tell. The other night when I went out there it was cool, I went out there for entrance and I got boos, it felt like wrestling again. It was cool in a way. ... It was cool to get a little bit of that energy back. Just some of the normalcy, it really made it feel like wrestling again."

You can check out Rollins' full comments in the clips below.

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