Furloughed WWE Producer Shane Helms took to Twitter this week and responded to a tweet about a word on the WWE ban list.

It should be noted that “non-title” has been on the internal list of banned WWE words and phrases for several years now, going back to at least 2015. It was reported this week by some sites that “non-title” was just added to the list, but that is not the case.

Helms responded to a tweet on “non-title” being banned and said non-title bouts are “(in general) pretty stupid anyway.”

He wrote, “Non-Title matches are (in general) pretty stupid anyway. An outdated concept that ran its course decades ago.”

One fan took “non-title” as WWE doing away with matches where a belt isn’t involved. They wrote, “So no more matches where a belt isn’t involved? Seems odd. But the WWE is odd nowadays.”

Helms corrected that fan and wrote, “That’s not what Non-Title means.”

You can see the related tweets below:

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