Shelly Martinez, formerly Ariel in WWE and Salinas in TNA, had her debut episode of “Shelly LIVE” on VOC Nation Radio. She shared some stories from her career including about Gangrel. Martinez was set to be part of a faction called the New Breed with Gangrel and Kevin Thorn, but it ended up just being Martinez and Thorn. She talked about how they could have made a lot of money together and a conversation that they had in Germany.

“Gangrel and I could have made a lot of money together, but that didn’t happen because of whatever the issue is,” Martinez said. “I actually did a show with him in Germany. Half of the trip, everything was fine to where I brought things up to him, and he really confided in me. He and I had such a cool conversation. I felt like I understood him more, I felt like perhaps he understood me more and I really thought we were getting somewhere there.

However, she says things took a turn on the second half of the trip. She does not place any blame on Gangrel but still regrets that the two could have done a lot more together.

“Then, the second half of the trip wasn’t so good, and I’m not sure why that went that way,” Martinez said. “I’m not going to get into the details because I’m not trying to be gossipy. It was so weird; I’m friends with the Germany people and to this day we joke about it because it was so unnecessary and weird, and I don’t understand it. However, it’s fine.

“Gangrel has every right to dislike me. And maybe it’s not even a dislike, maybe I just rub him wrong. That’s fine, that happens in life; I’m fine with it. But it did break my vampire heart here and there, because that Germany trip, I really thought I connected with him. We could have made so much money, and he wouldn’t have had to take but one bump.”

You can listen to the show at this link.

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