Former WWF and WCW Heavyweight Champion Sid Vicious is the latest to come out with a podcast and his is called the Vicious Circle. He discussed what led to him starting it up when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“It just started with my producer and [social media coordinator] and we started the podcast for two reasons. One was to promote a book I’m writing. Also, I wasn’t really listening to anybody’s podcast and someone brought my attention to Bruce Prichard’s. He was telling a story about me that, not only was it untrue, but it was in a different country than where it happened,” said Sid.

“So, what I’m trying to do with my podcast is talking about my book and also to set some things straight for people that call in and ask questions. Not that I’m always gonna have the right answer, but I can give you the truthful answer. If I don’t know the truthful answer then I’ll tell you that. So, that’s what we started the Vicious Circle for ? to tell the truth about things and promote some things worth promoting like this book I’m writing.”

Sid was then asked what Prichard said that was incorrect.

“It was the story about Arn Anderson. I forget what country he said it was but it was in England. Of course, he wasn’t even there and only one person really saw the incident and that was 2 Cold Scorpio. I think his version is the only one that’s close to the real truth,” stated Sid.

He compared it to grade school gossip in which people pass along a phrase or story and exaggerate it.

“That’s what I don’t do. I don’t exaggerate unless I have to when I put myself over a little bit,” admitted Sid. “But I tell the truth about other people and that’s what we’re trying to do on Vicious Circle.”

Since Sid brought up the legendary story between he and Arn Anderson, he was then asked to give his version of events.

“Really what it came down to was, the tour when we came from America to England had no food. There was nothing but beer on the bus and everybody was drunk,” recalled Sid. “Really, that’s what happens we people drink. I’ve only drunk maybe a handful of times in my whole life in the business and I had drinks because there weren’t really drinks on the bus other than beer.

“Then Arn came out with those scissors and things happened the way they did, unfortunately.”

He noted that Arn stabbed him first but the two had no such problems afterwards.

“I saw him just a few months ago at an autograph signing in Winston-Salem. We were cordial to each other like we always were in the beginning and we’ve put it behind us,” said Sid.

Sid came up in the 80s and had the help of the Poffo family in getting his start in wrestling. He talked about crossing paths with Randy Savage and his family.

“I was living close to Memphis and they worked in the Memphis territory at the time? I was approached by an agent at the time who introduced me to Guy Coffee who worked for Memphis Championship Wrestling. When they saw me at the Mid-South Coliseum with that guy, they came to me and said, ‘Hey man, did you ever think about wrestling? You don’t really need a manager as managers aren’t real in this business. Get rid of that guy,'” recalled Sid.

He then received his training from Tojo Yamamoto in Tennessee and made his pro wrestling debut in 1987. Despite having a 30-year career in the business, Sid admits that he wasn’t that much of a fan of pro wrestling.

“I was never a wrestling fan. I never watched it my whole life and I got into it just for the business side and money. I looked at it as a business? I didn’t care about winning or losing as I knew it was fake. I didn’t take it seriously like a lot of guys did. I never looked at a booking sheet. I never knew who I was working with and didn’t care,” revealed Sid.

“That’s why I never had trouble with anyone because people knew I wasn’t that involved in it. I didn’t care who I was working with, and if anything, you had to care that you were working with me. I was there to get myself over and was probably one of the better opportunists in the business. If you allowed me to do what I wanted to do, I was gonna get myself over. I did what I had to do to get over.”

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