Sid Vicious Recalls Hulk Hogan "Screaming And Crying" Following 1992 Royal Rumble

Sycho Sid made his WWF debut in the early 90s as Sid Justice. It wasn't long after that he started working with the likes of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior which likely didn't sit well with many of the long-time veterans in the locker room.

Sid discussed his early days in WWF and what other performers thought of his initial push when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"Most of them were jealous to the point that I actually gave my notice," revealed Sid. "At the Royal Rumble when they booed Hogan, Hogan came back into the locker room screaming and crying at Vince and saying he planned that to happen to him. I actually went to Vince that night and offered my handshake and said, 'Vince, I gotta go.' Everything he promised me to come there never worked out and I left a lot of guaranteed money in WCW to come work for just a percentage of houses. I didn't put an ultimatum on them but I took a big chance going there."

Sid said he was going to be gone right after WrestleMania VIII but Vince McMahon wouldn't shake his hand that night.

"That time wasn't any fun," said Sid before being asked about his current relationship with WWE.

"It's pretty good. They always want me a part of things and I've got a pretty good merchandising agreement with them where I'm making more money right now than I've made in my whole career. A lot of it is because the fans today are picking who they want to see on that network. Because of that, I've got a resurgence in this business bigger than I ever had."

Sid is getting exposed to a whole new generation of wrestling fans but says he doesn't need any validation from them in his eyes.

"But the thing is, I don't have to have anyone give me certified approval. I know what I did in this business and I know it worked," stated Sid. "What's happening today is proving what I did back then and that everything I was doing was working."

He was then asked about his relationship with Triple H and if they ever worked together in WWF.

"I don't remember working with him at all. I think we traveled a couple of times. As far as relationships, it's like any other in the locker room as we got along well. He always respected me and I always respected him. When I did the anniversary show for WWE, we talked a bit. He was very cordial and I was cordial and polite to him," said Sid who was then asked if him being inducted into the Hall of Fame has ever been discussed.

"No, they haven't said anything about that."

Sid's last match with WWE came in 2012 against Heath Slater. He talked about what that meant to him after breaking his leg during a WCW PPV in 2001.

"To me, it wasn't much but after I broke my leg it was my moment of victory," revealed Sid. "They called me to come in to do that and I didn't call them. I said that in an interview right in front of Vince and I think that made him a little angry at me."

He also said WWE was going to do something with him that tied into WrestleMania 36 but the whole pandemic situation shut that down.

The last time Sid was in the news was when a WrestleCon promoter called him out for not providing materials they asked for. That led to WrestleCon pulling him from the event and Sid gave his story of events.

"I had one guy try to stiff me on a payoff a few months ago then put out a bad word about the WrestleCon thing which is not true. We all shook hands in Winston-Salem that they were gonna do me and Doug Gilbert so I had someone to hang out with. Then they were trying to leave Doug out of the thing without telling Doug and they wanted me to do that," said Sid.

"They then asked if not having Doug was going to be a deal breaker. I said, 'We shook on it and yeah it would be a deal breaker.' So, instead of telling people the truth that they were too f***ing cheap to pay Doug the little bit he was asking for and keep their word, they put out a false lie about me saying I refused to do an interview. I refused to do the interview because I knew they weren't gonna bring Doug in and until they told me that, I wasn't gonna do the interview."

Sid said he didn't promote WrestleCon because they tried to stiff him on his payoff. He also said that the promoter was trying to take money from him due to botched travel plans.

"They didn't wanna say that they were unprofessional with the whole thing and waited until the day before the show to change everything. Then they were gonna deduct my money but I actually had to make him give it to me as soon as I got there. These people that think that they're not the ones who are shady, they are the ones who are shady. I've not met many promoters that aren't even in the big promotions," said Sid.

"So, we're gonna get a few of those things cleared up? But that's what I hate about this business ? so many fakes and phonies. They can say, 'Oh, it's Sid's fault for not doing that interview.' No, it wasn't. It wasn't my fault as I shook hands and we made the deal? But anyways, that's what we're gonna be talking about. We're gonna be following up on what I just said."

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