As reported by Variety, Ruby Rose, the star of the CW's "Batwoman" left the series ahead of its already announced second season.

Warner Bros. Television, The CW, and Berlanti Productions will be recasting the role when it returns in 2021.

WWE star Sonya Deville has made it clear tonight on social media that she wants the Batwoman role.

Sonya tweeted, "Give me a shot at Batwoman" and mentioned the showrunners, CW, Variety, Deadline, E! News, and The Hollywood Reporter.

She also retweeted an article about Ruby Rose leaving the show and wrote, "Not to worry."

The conversation first started when a fan told her about the news and suggested the role to her, which she responded, "I think you're on to something."

"Batwoman" is the first superhero series with a lesbian title character. Sonya Deville is the first openly lesbian performer in WWE history.

Below you can see her tweets: